The Leftovers is Incredible Television

So one of last year’s most divisive shows returns, and improved in many respects.

Sure, it’s helmed by one of the most hated “writers” in Hollywood, but I’m interested enough in this world to watch the ramifications of 2% of the world’s population suddenly disappearing.

Season 2 kicked off last night and it already feels like a different show, but don’t call it a reboot. Granted, there is a completely new setting (Texas), a completely new intro and theme song (the overly dramatic Sistine Chapel sequence was just a wee bit too much; now it’s much more everyday and folksy), and the first episode seems to introduce an entirely new cast, even though the credits still have all the season 1 regulars. Hell, you don’t even see a familiar face until halfway through the episode.

But everything else fresh and new and mysterious. The setting is really promising, a town that experienced no vanishings. Apparently the only town of its type. As such, it has become a pilgrimage for people the world over, as well as a national park.

What would that do to the people that lived there? That believed they were special and spared for a reason? And what will they do to defend it?

Moreover, it’s nice that every person is not horribly depressed and emotionally broken this year. That was a big reason why a lot of people tuned out. But after the catharsis of last season’s events, they’ve finally moved on.

But just when things seem to be finally settling down, an event at the end kicks off what is sure to be a huge upheaval. I’m looking forward to it.

Yeah, I ended up loving season one and was really excited for season two. The premier did not disappoint. The fresh take is welcome and I really like the new characters and mysteries they introduced.

I’m not wild about the new opening credits. Visually it’s a huge improvement and I really like the concept but the juxtaposition of the upbeat song seems off for a show that was one giant meditation on loss and despair.

Another good episode tonight; basically getting the Garvey/Durst story up to speed (and putting most of Mapleton to rest).

I think Kevin should do what Scott Glenn says and start listening to the voices in his head.

I thought I was watching the wrong show, the season 2 premiere was so different. I liked a lot about season 1, although overall I thought it was poorly executed. So far season 2 is ‘wtf’ for me. I haven’t seen the last episode yet though, I expect it’ll be the one that hooks me or sends me packing.

Wife and I loved ep2.

Yeah, I’ve loved both episodes this season. This show does complex people and emotions better than just about any other show on TV.

complex people and emotions? you mean grown manchildren and crybabies? this show is SO overrated and pretentious and tries to shock and awe in its oh so existential and overwrought midlife crisis…hamfisted moral quandries. oh america oh suburban upper middle class but not quite worried about paying my fucking bills. FUCK This show. Theres a reason why Lindelof is SHIT. This show is shit and its entitlement to depression and existential despair is childish. come to where i work and you will know REAL fucking despair. It actually surprises me how many critics LAUD this overweening crap. There’s no humor no originality (alot of the tone is Lost without the charm) no insight but a bubble version of a midlife moral crisis thru the eyes and ears of NPR. Who the fuck wants to watch that? I tried to like it, but no.

Boo hoo! Your son or daughter (sometimes, still in your womb) just disappeared for no reason whatsoever. What a bunch of whiners.

I think I may be the only person on the planet to feel this way, but I’ve got to get it out: I love this show.

Crazy how much it turned around for this season.

You’re not; it’s fantastic. And this while I was fine with last season’s arc of loss, it wasn’t something that could have been continued without getting thinner and repetitive. I’m glad they aimed for something far more ambitious.

This episode went full-Lost though, a show I didn’t have the patience to endure since it just seemed like a constant circle jerk. I hope this show is more substantive and generous.

Yeah I never watched Lost so I guess I don’t have any Lindelof baggage going into this. But The Leftovers really occupies a unique territory on television and I love that it exists. I even love the weird detours it takes like last night, I did not expect that. Glad to see other folks are watching.

Lindelof emerged from his self-imposed exile to deliver this statement about last night’s episode:

I didn’t get the rock throwing bit myself. Why did Carrie Coons toss a rock through her neighbor’s window?

Oh there were definitely things I did not get about last night’s episode, but I appreciate that. I like that there are (I hope) going to be mysteries that won’t be solved. Especially the whole, what happened to the missing two percent of the world population? I really like this bit from Lindelof’s quote above:

The Leftovers isn’t about answers, it’s about the frustration of not getting them and the emotional state that drives our characters to.

That’s definitely what keeps me watching.

I thought that was clearly because the dude changed his mind on Doctor Who, preventing him from returning with his wife after they lost their wristbands. With Doctor Who playing in the pillory, Nora was stuck babysitting his invalid wife and was kinda bitter at the people that caused that result.

Was about to say, Desslock voiced the most popular interpreation.

Hmm. I thought that with the way the episode went it was more about Nora blaming them for making her feel insecure and scared when she specifically moved to Miracle to feel safe. I just didn’t understand why that would manifest as a rock throwing.

I love this show. The first season was good…this second season is appointment viewing. Such amazing performances. Jennifer Aniston’s husband should be getting a lot more work.

Yes, this sums up my feelings exactly.