The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

So, this comes out in 8 minutes. Anyone else sitting there with their 3ds open ready to download?

Reviews across the board are great, sitting at 91% on metacritic.

My new system and game shipped, waiting for it to arrive tomorrow.

Downloading now. I still don’t believe we get this and Super Mario 3D World on the same day.

I kind of want a hard copy. But yeah, been looking forward to this.

I’d be all over A Link Between Worlds, If not for the fact that Ys IV: Memories of Celceta (which I’ve been looking forward to since long before ALBW was even announced) comes out on Tuesday. Accursed lack of money.

You should start a thread for that. I’ve got a copy of that coming as well. Don’t know much about it, but I played the crap out of Ys Origin when it came out on Steam last year.

I will definitely pick this one up at some point but I’m concerned - watching some of the gameplay trailers and demos I very much doubt my ability to come up with the puzzle solutions on my own, some of what they show is terribly clever and I bet I’ll have to play at my desk with open before me or something, which I would think isn’t going to be super satisfying, but the last several Zelda games have been (to me) marred with too many damn puzzles. Windwaker is still my favorite, did that one have a lot of puzzles in it? I can’t recall now. Maybe back then I had more patience/time to spend trying to figure something like that out, but as I get older and crankier I just start getting irate when I can’t solve something in the first 30 seconds.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. There is an item you get early on that functions as an in game hint system.

Sweet! I’m hoping to pick this up sooner rather than later, but this close to Christmas I better hold off just in case. I’m glad it’s getting such good reviews, I haven’t played a truly great Zelda game in some time (I damn near broke down and bought a Wii-U just to play Windwaker HD).

Just bought a 3DS to play this. My son has a 3DS and I thought about just buying the game but then realized he would see it and then play it and would probably mess up my game…and also it’s not easy to pry the thing away from him.

I just started last night but all the nostalgia is back and I am loving it so far.

After I finish this, I will play a few more that I’ve been jonesing for and then sell the gold 3DS. I buy and sell systems like house flippers.

Yeah…this is getting me dangerously close to the tipping point on a 3DS…

I got the gold 3DS and now I’m the coolest Dad in the house. This Zelda game is top notch. At first I thought the wall painting power would be confusing and tedious, but I was wrong on both counts.

Really enjoying this one, but I always have loved me some Zelda. I gotta say though, it’s kind of weird how…


You get access to a huge number of items within the first couple hours of the game.

Very different from earlier Zelda games.

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Mine is installed and the xl charging up to play. I still hate Nintendo’s stupid DRM bullshit that ties it to a single system but whatever.

Getting back to this after I finished up Mario. Cleared the light world no problem.

This game is amazing, and the antithesis of every modern Zelda game. There is zero hand holding and you can tackle the dungeons in any order you want thanks to the changes in the equipment system. Help is there if you want it via the fortune teller and hint goggles. I love how Nintendo’s idea of a microtransaction is to get off your fat ass and take a walk, then you will earn a coin to use in the hint system.

I spent 2 hours, spread over two sessions, today trying to beat the first dark world dungeon. It was the first one I figured out how to access, but I get the feeling it was not the first one I should have done. The dungeon was only 2 floors, with about 6 rooms each but the gimmick was raising and lowering water levels. So hard, but so satisfying now that it is done.

And my god, the music. THE MUSIC.

Hyrule in it’s ALTTP incarnation has to be my favorite, partly because I spent so much time in it when I was a teenager. Just the intro of the game and running around hyrule castle filled me with joy.

Can’t wait to play more of it (currently stuck at work).

A nice little comic to set the mood.

Finally started playing this and wow is it good. It’s like running into an old friend, they have changed a bit, but they are still basically the same person you knew. I think this is easily one of the best remakes of a classic game I have seen. It has all the similarity I need to bring on a flood of nostalgia, yet it is enough different to keep me playing once that flood has passed.

There’s a neat Youtube channel that boundary breaks games to take a closer look at how the designers achieved particular visual styles, and the latest episode looks at A Link Between Worlds. It’s so neat to see all the tilted models up close.