The LEGO Movie 2: Intergalactic Planetary


First trailer here. As awesome as expected, but what was unexpected was The Beastie Boys’ song. Is this the first time they’ve licensed their music for something commercial?


Sold. Day One. OMG.


What? No. Beastie Boys have been licensed for years.

Did you miss J.J. Star Trek?


Oh hey cool, Mad Max legos! I want that set.



The first one was perfect, and perfectly surprising in that as well. Let’s hope this builds on those successes.


I remember the Beastie Boys played Intergalactic as disembodied heads in Futurama.


They famously had a stipulation preventing it’s use in advertising:

However, it’s possible that they licensed the song for use in the film, and thus it’s acceptable due to it’s use in the creative work rather than the advertisement per se. Or they just changed their minds.


This theory holds up for Justin Lin’s Star Trek: Beyond, which used the music in the trailers, and then had it within the movie itself also.


Holy shit that looks amazing. Fantastic trailer.

The lack of crazy ensemble action was what prevented the LEGO Batman spin-off movie from being great; bringing it back makes everything awesome… again!


I rewatched the first Lego movie with my kids a couple weeks ago, there are so many little throwaway bits in there that I had forgotten. Like that Shaq was a master builder, and he tried to attack the bad guys with a basketball and said, ‘y’all ready for this?’ and then he was rebuffed and goes, ‘oh no! They were ready for that!’ My kids thought I was crazy for laughing so hard at that.


Watched the trailer again, I wonder if that whole “hold onto your fronds, plant” is a Guardians of the Galaxy joke?


I figured it was a Groot joke, yeah.


I laughed out loud just now thinking about that part.


The Sis-Tar System? Ha. It’s going to be the boys sister involving herself in his Lego time! :)

I love it.



So my nephew turn 10 today and we saw this movie. It was not as good as I hoped it would be but not nearly as bad as it could have been. I would say, overall, they just tried too hard this time around. There weren’t as many cool characters, and the new ones were frankly just not that memorable. The message was good. I sat near my nephew so I know some of the jokes that fell flat to me had him laughing in delight, so I am pretty sure the kids will love it, assuming they liked the other ones.

For reference
Lego Batman - Loved It
Lego Movie 1 - pleasantly surprised, really like it.
Lego Movie 2 - slightly disappointing
Lego Ninjago - I thought this might kill the franchise

There are catchy tunes, and the fact I kind of closed my eyes a few times during it tells you that there are some slow parts. The Cameos were pretty cool, one in particular that will standout if you see it.


I can’t understand the appeal of Ninjago. To me it seems like cheap crap.


My daughters absolutely love Ninjago. I thought the LEGO Ninjago movie was funny at parts, but nowhere near as good as The LEGO Movie.


Oh yeah. If you take young children, you should get yourself acquainted with this song.

I may, may have tortured my family by singing it in the parking lot, maybe.


Saw this earlier today. It’s a lot of fun, in my opinion. I don’t really remember the first movie well enough to compare the two (although I definitely enjoyed it), but I thought there were a lot of great gags, some of them running (I agree that there is a cameo that stands out and is one of the funnier moments, IMO.) Also there is a song over the credits that is very funny.