The LEGO Movie 2: Intergalactic Planetary


I couldn’t really follow along with the first movie. Things happened too fast and I got lost.


I kind of hated this movie for the first 45-60 minutes but it gradually won me over with the real-world stuff going on between the siblings. That was cute. And fun to see the girl from The Florida Project again!


It was an okay movie, but it wasn’t nearly as much of a wild crazy ride as the first one. The first was so off the wall, spastic, and “mysterious” (not knowing about the real life bits until the end) that it is hard to recapture that. I think the first had way more humor overall, too. Granted, these are aimed at kids mostly, so I’m maybe being a bit harsh.

The song during the credits at the end was excellent, though.


Think this is a fair assessment. I think I liked the “message” better in this one, but the plot twist in this one doesn’t top the plot twist in the first movie. It’s good, but suffers from being the second movie.

Edit: Best music of the Lego movies though. Not so much the so-called “catchy” song, but everything else. Youngest loves “Not Evil” and “Super Cool” is just super cool.


Saw it today. I think I liked it more that most of you seemed to - it wasn’t as good as the first one, but that was going to be an almost impossible bar to hit - but I liked it a lot. I liked the way they blended in the ‘real-life’ aspect of the story. And Maya Rudolph just kills it in whatever she does. The only real problem I had with it were the songs. Not that they weren’t fine - but they went on too long. With the first movie, you had ‘Everything is Awesome’, but they never played a full version of it. It was well-timed bits and pieces. Here it seemed like there were a few times they tried to shoehorn in a full 3-minute song, and that just didn’t work for me. And it wasn’t about the songs themselves, just the length (outside of the first credits song - that one was, sorry, awesome).

Still, I’ll probably buy it when it comes out. It’s worth watching again because I’m sure I missed a dozen or so pop references.


My whole family wound up loving this, and actually thought it even edged out the first one (though it’s been a few years since seeing that, so my memories might just be hazy).


I’m so broken. I can’t stand her in anything. I have no idea why, either. It isn’t rational.


Heh - I actually thought the songs were some of the best parts of this.

And I liked it quite a bit (enough that I’m definitely getting this when it comes out on BR). It’s just nowhere near the level of the first one, IMO, and as you say, that’s probably an impossible bar to clear, because the first had all the advantage of surprise.

Edit: Actually, I think I’d put the quality of the films at about the same level - it’s just that the novelty factor isn’t there anymore which makes this one hit a bit less hard.


Finally got around to seeing this with the family yesterday. I liked it a lot! It was different from the first movie, a little more talky and plot-heavy at points, but still a lot of fun. I’m pretty sure some of the movie’s twists went right over my kids’ heads but it didn’t affect their enjoyment. Lots of jokes that we all enjoyed, though of course my kids laughed hardest at the little star saying, “I feel dizzy” and then puking up rainbow colored glitter. I really dug Rex’s fist-shaped spaceship, if there’s a lego set of that I need one.