The Life Aquatic

Because Everyone should watch all Wes Anderson Movies in their lifetimes.

Beat you by 12 months.

I hang my head in shame


also; very sad that i’ll probably never get the movie early.
Bloody Asian country has no appreciation for such movies.

Yes. Although I am not a big ass rabid fan and such, he is good, he can be very funny (I love the drug intervention for Owen Wilson in “The Royal Tenenbaums”) and I second your statement.

SO, this was released on blu ray Criterion collection this past week. As a belated birthday present, my dad it to me. I’ve always been a fan, but this is now certainly my favorite Anderson film. Go ahead and watch it again. This is no “minor” Wes Anderson film, and I believe it was merely ahead of its time in its way of story telling. While slightly derivative of Royal Tenenbaums, Anderson’s story telling in this is not as focused, which gives the audience a little more to interpret. Check out some recent reviews of this movie. Some critics have gone back, and questioned ‘maybe we were wrong the first time?’

Furthermore this blu ray version is outright beautiful. Definitely worth a re-watch.

I agree with you, I think The Life Aquatic is my favorite Wes Anderson film. I wouldn’t have predicted it when I first saw the movie but it has aged the best for my tastes, and is a good deal less, I don’t know, precious than most of his other movies. Also probably the funniest, to my tastes.