The Light Keeps Us Safe - by developers Big Robot.

Strangely the developer site has no info yet…

It gives me a kind of War of the Worlds vibe. Specifically the first movie with Gene Barry sneaking around. Wishlisted.

Those guys seem to get stuff out relatively quickly. No endless iteration in early access for them.

That looks terrifying. I want it.

That’s what she said.

These guys do get stuff out. No 4 year early access periods for them.

And its hit early access , anyone brave enough to report in? :p

1.0 today… Anyone getting it?

I want to wait until others chime in here.

I’m not much of a fan of these guys but I do admire that they keep getting stuff out the door.

The Signal From Tolva was one of my favourite game experiences from last year, so I’m in. I still haven’t played their first game, but the aesthetics of this are right up my alley. I may leave it a couple of days for them to get any launch bugs out of the way, still playing Remnant.

This game is in the $5 tier of this bundle.

Looks like a darker, far more creeper version of Sir, You are being Hunted.

Not surprising, same dev.