The Lighthouse - Robert Eggers post VVitch film

Shot entirely in 35mm black & white 1.19:1 old-school aspect ratio with custom-made physical filters to recreate the look of orthochromatic film.

I don’t want to watch this trailer for fear of spoilers, but is this a movie retelling of the Eilean Mòr lighthouse disappearances in 1900? Because that’d be a great idea for a creepy movie…

Monkey pummmmmmp!

Do I need to see the film for that to make sense?

My gf has been quoting this movie for two years to me, and I’ve still never seen it, but having her hisscream WHY’D YA SPILL YER BEANNNNNS is still pretty funny.

I watched this movie immediately after lockdown started in 2020.

I am still trying to figure out whether that was bad timing, or perfect timing.

Yes. And sort of no. :)