The liquid girl

How the hell is some of that stuff even possible? Its like I am watching it but I dont actually believe she can do that.

Never been to a circus, have you? ;-)

Well she will never have to ask “Does my butt look big in this?” she’d just have to flip her head around and take a look. Hoooly moly.

wow, if that was a competition, I hope she fucking won.

Hey! She did the worm!

i like how she sits on her own face

I’ve been to the circus man, in Russia even.

I never saw anyone sit on top of their head or do inside out summersaults!

I loved the expressive ‘there’s a fucking bee in my face!!!’ handwaving she did.
The rest was pretty grotesque. The expression on the kid’s faces as she approached them near the end would have mirrored mine.
Anyone have an idea where it was taken from? It looked like a school Christmas party in Kiev or something.

I had to stop watching about fifteen seconds in. It was making me very uncomfortable.

She would make a great pr0n star.

You sir, are into some kinky porn!

Wot, a couples video starring her and herself?

I would so hit that.

Mmmmm. Bendy.