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A new article from the Columbia Journalism Review, investigating the role that Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress, now discredited and suspected of delivering confidential intelligence to Iran, played in developing and delivering the information that the media and the government used to make the case for war.

An interesting question that the information in this article raises - is it possible that the United States was, in part, manipulated into fighting this war on behalf of Iran, Hussein’s oldest and most bitter foe?

doubt it since rummy and all his buddies in the PNAC where writting drafts for new American policy including invading Iraq in '98. That is not to say that Iran didnt help bush along by feeding false intelligence. But the core of bush’s staff has had this colonization of the mideast in their minds long before any airplanes hit any buildings.

We already discussed this here, and we decided that colonization of the Middle East was an excellent idea.