The LOMAC Love

What’s the latest date on LOMAC now, late August?

Sorry to link to another board, but these shots are just drooooolworthy…;f=37;t=001011

And raise your hand if you’re dying for LOMAC as well.

*Hand Raised!"

  • raises hand *

/me raises both hands repeatedly…

I got some stick time with LOMAC at E3…flying the A-10 was just heaven…

Rumors abound it’s been pushed back into the fall. But they are rumors, etc., etc.

Now this screenshot is just gorgeous.


Thanks for pre-ordering from! As an added benefit to ordering from us, we’ll keep you informed of ship date changes. We are writing to let you know that we have changed the projected ship date for Lock On: Modern Air Combat to 9/23/03.


Jeezus, this game has been delayed a gazillion times it seems. Wasn’t it supposed to come out last year?

/me holds hand out flat, rotates it back and forth (the “Eh, so-so motion”).

On the one hand: Woo-hoo! Another flight sim!

On the other hand: How do I turn on the damn radar again? (Referring to the complexity of a modern combat jet’s systems.)

On the third hand: It has much better graphics than the F-18 simulator at work and doesn’t cost $1000/hr to operate, but it doesn’t have the 40 foot diameter projection dome and exact replica cockpit included. (Yes, I’m speaking from first hand experience.) :D :twisted: Sorry for the boasting, I couldn’t help myself, especially since here I’m not nearly as likely to be upstaged by someone saying, “Simulator, schimulator, I fly em for real”. 8)

If I get it (LO-MAC), it will probably be for the A-10.

Simulator, Schmilator. I have back-seat time in an F-15D. 7.8 Gs, baby!

(Sorry for the Ordway moment, kids. But he was trolling for it. :) )

As for LOMAC, might I say “better late than never?” And I mean that literally.

I did a preview for CGM a few months back and even at that stage the sim was SWEET. Absolutely beautiful, flies like a dream, and the A-10 is a blast.

Dammit, I forgot about you Denny! :evil: :lol:

But how are the snap rolls modeled?


Well, they have had some significant disruptions, such as the primary programmer for the campaign leaving the project a while back.

I’m really looking forward to LOMAC - but I’m really nervous about it also.

Cool, another simulation guy. It really suprised me when I started working on my program, seeing these very expensive image generators putting out such unimpressive graphics, but I suppose the immersion more than makes up for it.

The programmer leaving just affected the campaign. Instead of dynamic, we’re getting scripted with persistent damage and some randomness in enemies (wasn’t that how Jane’s F/A-18 did it?). They tried to do an IL-2 style generated campaign in the interim, and I’m glad that died. I’d rather have good scripted missions than the barren stuff you see in IL2 FB.

Once you run through the scripted missions, there will invariably be plenty more to download from the net, and I’m certain there will be a campaign generator or two as well.

If you’re referring to me (saw your location as St. Louis), I just got to play with it as part of the new employee thing, I don’t work with them. :) Speaking of immersion, when I was in there, I kept repeating to myself (paraphrase) “I don’t have to hold onto the railing,” over and over, and yet as soon as the first guy rolled the plane, I grabbed on for dear life. It took a good 10 mintues before I could make myself let go.

Yeah, but his leaving did throw Matt and the crew into a bit of a quandry for a short bit,

Heh, you know me and campaigns, Denny. I did like the F/A-18 approach, and I’m sure Matt is comfortable dropping back to that. I just hate “replaying” a mission where I know more than I did the first time I flew it, and it’s really hard to avoid that in a scripted campaign, although I know they are trying to have the best of replayability and scripted. What I haven’t asked them (have you, Denny?) is whether you will have to “win” missions - i.e., whether you will have to replay a mission over and over until you win it before moving on.

The only type that scripted missions didn’t make me go “bleh” is back in Janes’ Fighters Anthology – just because there were so many missions and campaigns. The mission generator in that sim was great, too.


I read on the LOMAC board a while ago that they’ll work on a DC as an add-on after the game had shipped (presumably depending on sales). The lack thereof was a major blow for me but it’s still worth getting for that A10 lovin’.

Me too !

I have always been a huge fan of Flanker 2.0. These guys really know their flight modelling stuff !