The Long Dark (aka Gah...Wolves!)

Anyone playing this?

So far I’m just being eaten by wolves a lot…but it’s kind of an interesting, minimalist experience. I’ll be doubly curious to see what they do with the Story Mode.

wishlisted it, I won’t go near this type of open world game until its at least in beta.

This looks really interesting. I also added this to my wishlist. I might have bought it on the spot if I hadn’t just bought Endless Legend.

That looks awesome

I just can’t see how the game works - it looks like static 2D images with some animation on it How do you move around in the world? Clicking a picture and then you are in the next picture?


It’s a first person 3d survival game.

It’s being done by some veterans of the industry, people from Relic, Riot, Bioware, Volition.

I played it for a couple hours last night.

I found it extremely boring, and this is coming from a guy who generally loves “walking simulators” like Proteus, Eidolon, etc.

The biggest problem with it is that the environment is static, so it’s always the same every time you restart. The environment is also extremely boring and uninspired. It’s just a bunch of realllllly long roads between a house or two. Basically, corridors between points of interest. There is very little “off road” game play. These roads are usually flanked by “too steep” geometry, forcing you to stay on the road.

And the final problem is it takes forever to get anywhere. It takes a good 10 minutes to walk down a corridor from one house to another. And then if you get “tired”, it could take a full 20 minutes. That’s just you sitting there holding the W key as the generic environment around you slowly crawls by because your run key has been disabled because you are tired. The only way to recover from “tired” is to find a bed.

I’m sure there will be features added to make the point-to-point game play more compelling, but the core issue is the static map layout and the ho-hum art direction of that environment, which would take a complete re-do to fix.

I’m vacillating between what you’re feeling and my admiration for their dedication to simulating every weary step. It is pretty dire at times, but then I found a shack full of stuff (including a rifle!) so I’m wondering if I can just hole up in there and see how long I can survive. That’s my biggest question: what, exactly, drives you to go anywhere? When you find a place to sleep the only reason to move on is running out of supplies, I suppose. I’m constantly teetering between chomping at the bit for the pace to pick up and marveling at its immersive qualities.

And yes, the fact that it’s a static environment is kind of a bummer - I don’t know why, but I thought it was a procedurally-generated environment before I played it. As it is, once you know the locale pretty well you know where you can go to find shelter and supplies. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…but it’s a thing.

(Also, FWIW - I actually really dig the art direction…)

I’m super intrigued by the use of the Oculus with this

I kickstarted this and thus wound up getting to play for about 15 minutes this afternoon. It’s gorgeous, for starters, as well as slow-paced, difficult, and very alpha-y.

It’s also cold and the wolves are really mean, but I enjoyed it enough that I’m quite looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

That’s the thing… you can’t really hole up anywhere because you will deplete the meager supplies you find in every location! Or at least, that’s been my experience. The idea, I think, is to keep you moving from POI to POI. Surviving in the wild, without any shelter, seems near impossible.

I sorta wish I could stay in that ranger tower or fishing shack, you know? Settle down. Do some farming. Fishing. But nope! Gotta keep moving, find that next scrap of paper to burn or granola bar to get me thru till the morning so I can go out and find the next few scraps…

Because of this I found the game ends up being a time/task/resource management puzzle and less of a survival sandbox. BUt it’s early access so we’ll see.

And yes, the fact that it’s a static environment is kind of a bummer - I don’t know why, but I thought it was a procedurally-generated environment before I played it. As it is, once you know the locale pretty well you know where you can go to find shelter and supplies. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…but it’s a thing.

My understanding is there will be a sandbox mode and a story/episodic mode.
The sandbox will be “survive as long as you can on this map”, though I’m not clear if that means a random map or static map.
The story mode will be released in episodes, a la The Walking Dead.

(Also, FWIW - I actually really dig the art direction…)

No denying it’s a gorgeous game. But i’m still not sold on the game-play just yet.

I meant to mention this earlier, but anyone who is curious about the game can check out our stream. My wife, Sarah/Sonky, played 3 or so hours for Cliqist the other day.

We’re streaming The Long Dark again to show off the new update -

If you missed it earlier, here’s today’s stream for the new stuff in v.153 -

Thanks for the look Jason. Please tell Mrs. McMaster that she did a really great job. I enjoyed how she explained her actions and thinking as she went along. Love how this game is shaping up.

Tell her she’s the reason I now have this game.

Updated with different modes to fit player preferences.


  • Added Experience Modes to the game: Pilgrim, Voyageur, Stalker. Players can now select their preferred experience, between Exploration-focused, Survival-focused, or a balance. Wildlife presence, Supply availability, item decay, and Condition effects have been tuned per experience mode.
  • Complete overhaul of Supply distribution, to ensure key Tools can be found. General availability of Clothing and Food has been reduced (outside of Pilgrim).
  • Added German and Russian translations to the game. These are selectable from the Display settings.
  • Added new Craftable clothing items: Rabbitskin Mitts, Deerskins Boots, Wolfskin Coat
  • Added new Hot Drinks: Coffee, Tea, and Soup can all be heated to provide buffs to Warmth, Fatigue, etc. Canned beans can now also be cooked and eaten hot.
  • UI improvements for Struggle, First Aid, Crafting, Repair, Harvest, Foraging, and Rest.
  • Falling Through Ice will now result in clothing getting wet and immediate Freezing state. Wet clothing will Freeze if not dried near a fire.
  • New Exploration music.

More at the link.

Sounds good. Will be nice to dig into the update while I have some time off over the holidays.

So its half off, is anyone else getting it? I am watching the Mrs McMaster video right now.

Hopefully she got a new mouse for Christmas!

I picked it up and played for an hour or so. I like it so far – it looks and sounds good, and you definitely get the feeling of being stranded in the wilderness. I gather it’s vastly unfinished right now. The only game mode available is sandbox, and you cannot become self-sustaining. Stuff runs out.

I was looking for a good survival game to try the genre, preferably without zombies. I think I made a good choice.