The Long Dark (aka Gah...Wolves!)

I fired this up a few times in the last couple days. It’s a good update actually. I haven’t used the revlolver in a wolf attack yet but it promises to help with the frustration of losing the game on a random-chance event. This game is still recommended by me, and I haven’t even tried the new and improved quest mode.

How should a newb start? Pilgrim or Voyageur or Stalker or Interloper?

Start on Pilgrim or Voyageur until you get the mechanics down. A big part of the game is learning the maps, which you won’t do much of in stalker or loper, as you will probably die the first day lol. It’s also not a bad game to watch a few let’s plays of, as there are a few obtuse game mechanics.

The biggest difference between Pilgrim and Voyageur is that animals are hostile in VG.

Thanks. I started on Voyageur. And died after eating some raw, rancid meat.


There are so many ways for this game to kill you :)

Good watch, suggested by @KristiGaines

I’m going to play this for the first time. Which mode do you suggest? The story?

Story isn’t finished yet. So go survival mode.

Wait what? It doesn’t say it’s early access. I’m confused.

Only Episodes 1 and 2 are finished (redux). Episode 3 is done but being remastered (redux), episodes 4 and 5 aren’t out yet.

Survival. As easy as you can make it. Do your homework if it gets tough and watch some let’s play videos.

It’s a great game but it can be very unforgiving for the new player. Watching others will teach you a ton of small tips that literally extend your life in game. This isn’t an easy survival game. It’s closer to realistic than others, and a touch more to give it urgency. But it’s endearing at parts as you learn. “I caught a fish!” “I defended myself!”“I made new clothes!”

Do you all prefer mouse and keyboard or gamepad? The M/KB seems really touchy even turned way down.

Yep, play survival mode. You’ll make your own full, emergent story just by trying not to die.

Play a few games on Pilgrim difficulty, on the Mystery Lake map.

Then take the difficulty up to Voyageur mode, the second step up. This one offers a reasonable – but still VERY difficult challenge. But it isn’t as brutally punishing as the two top difficulties. And on Voyageur, wildlife will come after you.

This is an amazing game experience. Have fun.

I use a gamepad.

Cool thanks!

Conversely I used keyboard and mouse. I never thought to try my gamepad. This game seems like it would fit that well?

Yeah, honestly, I’ve used both. I went with a gamepad because that felt more comfortable for me. I’d say try both, see which you prefer.

I played gamepad for a long time, and went back to M/K, because when a wolf is running at you and you have to try and hit it on the head with a rock, that fidelity can be pretty important. Both function fine though, so whatever you’re comfy with.

Survival mode all the way, the challenges are also very very good at teaching you the game once you get your feet wet. The story mode is the least engaging of the modes for me.