The long slow poop

I love cheese, but it does not love me.

Taco Bell’ll clear that right up for ya bud.
Or, if you can find them, check out a Super Wal Mart near you and grab a box of White Castle burgers, they’ll do the same thing.

Are you kidding? Taco Bell is like concrete for the colon. Eat some fiber.

Everybody out of the pool.

Taco Bell is The Food Luge.

When I was in college I took part in a “Tac-athalon” with a bunch of the guys from my floor. Seeing how many 50cent hard and soft T-bell tacos you can eat in one sitting is horrible, horrible idea.

This is why you go to college. To learn valuable lessons about life and horrifying bowel movements.

This thread is worthless without stusser. However, we’re doing great without pics!

If you didn’t spend at least an hour on the can then you’re not taking a real poop. /stusser


We went out to $0.50 buffalo wing night at Callahan’s. They came in bbq, teriyaki, mild, medium, hot, and suicide. The suicides not only were the hottest, they tasted great.

But the day after, when that stuff comes out the other end? PAINFUL.


Reminds me of a scene from a Richard Marchinko book.
He’s eating some curry in an Indian restaurant with a client or information source.This guy has brought him (Marchinko) there to eat and discuss business, the curry is a test of his “manliness”, apparently this stuff is hot enough to melt a plastic bowl.
After they are done eating Marchinko asks if they can go for ice cream.
The host asks why.
Machinko replies “so tomorrow morning when I’m on the can I can go, C’mon ice cream!!!”.

Sorry, guys, I feel responsible for this one.

You weren’t; I started this thread before I’d even opened the other.

But if you want to take the blame, that’s fine with me. You take all the blame and I get all the credit… how 'bout that?

Pooping is how I maintain some empathy with women who give birth. All the screaming, crying, and enormous things emerging from small orifi over the course of hours makes me appreciate what they go through.

Except I get to read a book while I do it!

Poop comes from ass

This thread is worthless without Whitta.

On another note, Google for “olestra anal leakage” and then QUIT WITH YOUR BITCHING ALREADY, MR. SLOW POOP.

Rasputin, try taking a shit through your urethra and then get back to me about pregnancy empathy.

Pringle bastards!

You are pooping wrong.

Let us not turn this into The Pooping Thread, lest QT3 implode upon itself.

Repo: I said “some” empathy. Otherwise I’d have absolutely zero for the lying, cheating whores who are all exactly like my mother. Who is now a car. (It’s been a rough day at work, my satire isn’t at its best right now.)

ElG: How dare you tell me how I should and shouldn’t defecate. Just another example of the liberal nanny state trying to tell me how to live.

“First they came for the strainers, but I said nothing…”

Yeah but sometimes it feels like you’re pushing out a diamond tipped football coming out sideways. I’ll admit, it’s a very rewarding shit when it comes out, but on its way down this agnostic fuck quickly finds religion by begging the Lord Almighty to end my rectal agony.