The Lord of the Rings, an Amazon joint (The Rings of Power)

Considering how bad this show was, maybe the writers going on strike will improve it!

Hey we can form a club of people who liked it on Qt3! I almost quit after 2 or 3 episodes, but then I started enjoying it and happy I stayed with it.

In an ideal world, us RoP-haters would leave this thread to you RoP lovers and peace and joy would result. But I cannot stop hate-reading this thread.

I am a bad person.

You folks who enjoy it, rock on I guess. I shall remain here filled with bitter hatred.

When old man rufus used the evil magic blood sword +5 as a giant key to break the locks on the one trick Rube-Goldberg machine dam built by the petty-goblins of Barrytown, I was like damn…we Tunnels and Trolls now. I can’t wait until the Knights of Sidonia and their afro samurai cohorts fight the golden dwarf defiler whose Ravenloft domain just materizes in Breeland, (crushing the crusty old wizard windbag in the process) rejoice!

100% I would watch that.

Me too. Sorry about it though.

The reality is I had to make up a bunch of stuff to make me feel happy because this series was so bad and made me sad…

This golden Dwarf defiler…

Is it a really small defiler?

Does it defile Gold Dwarves?

Is it a Golden Defiler of dwarves?

The people want to know.

I gave up on this after a few episodes, just noodling about why, I think sword ‘N’ sorcery is a pretty tired, bad genre unless it brings some mythology with it. Or, in the case of an excellent film/writer, builds a mythology in the first act that keeps you there. This was just orcs and humans and elves living the 1850’s U.S. west life.

Pretty much everything about RoP was a good story done badly. Well, I mean, it’s not bad, it’s just not as good as it ought to be, like some episode of Stargate SG1 or something, clearly B level cheese rather than grand sweeping narrative. Like a lot of B grade stuff it’s loose with narrative and consistency and doesn’t really care to try that much to make much sense and instead rely on assumed drama and spectacle. But it has the bones of a great story lying exposed in the narrative deserts it made.

We can no longer be friends. Good day to you sir!


My wife and I enjoyed it enough to keep watching.

While I don’t have the knowledge from the books and history of that universe, it still felt really off at times during the show, even if I didn’t really know why. I really did appreciate the input and feedback and discussions here as I learned a lot and have an increased appreciation of the detail of the lore behind the series. I am not sure I have the time to ever dig into it further myself, but it does make me want to read more someday.

Just know thousands of years were compressed into a single life time to make this show, cue the dogshit writing.

Looks like some asshole thought he could get away with coming up with his own version of LotR with book titles like “The Fellowship of the King” and “The Two Trees”. And then he thought he could sue, get this, Amazon and the Tolkien Estate for infringing on his copyright. Did this go well? Of course not. The asshole in question, Demetrious Polychron, if that is his real name, was smacked down in court and now has to pay six figures in attorneys fees. (This story is real.)

He should have learned his lesson from the poor scholar who tried publishing his own translation of the Red Book of Westmarch. (This story is fake but it made more sense than the first story.)

It takes real Chutzpah to write an unauthorized sequel then sue the copywrite owners for making Movies and TV Series of their own intellectual property.

Fuck me, Demetrious Polychron is a seriously great name if he didn’t make it up.

Hmm… Fellowship was first published in 54 & in the UK there is a copyright clause that releases rights in SOME circumstances after 70 years. Perhaps this guy was somehow under the mistaken Impression that he found a legal loophole? (Though then he acted on it a year too early and even THEN his supposed “loophole” wouldn’t have applied either)

The dust cover of teh book cracked me up. “His HS English teachers anointed him a Poet!!!” Not a poet, but a Poet. In high school.

But I guess if I peaked at 16 I’d probably put that in my publishing bio too.

YARN | Poems, everybody. The lad here reckons himself a poet. | Pink Floyd The Wall (1982) | Video clips by quotes | 82bd8982 | 紗

His LinkedIn page shows that he owns a publishing firm called Fractal Books whose website is shut down. That is his current employment according to LinkedIn. Prior to that, he apparently did corporate security.

Rumors about potential plot points and twists of season 2. Buckle up. Obviously, if you still care enough to be averse to spoilers, ya might want to skip this article.