The Lord of the Rings, an Amazon joint (The Rings of Power)

I’m looking forward to Sauron’s redemption arc…

I hope there are twists. I found Season 1 ponderous.

I wasn’t aware we were getting a S2. Wow.

I guess in for a penny, in for a pound.

Amazon is in for a lot more than that!

So after getting a prequel that few people understood, instead of continuing/expounding on that story we are going to get a prequel to the prequel which will be even more confusing, span ages, and apparently contain at least two episodes that are set totally apart from the characters and events of the rest of the season, one of which may not even contain dialog?

Who the fuck greenlit this and why are they still employed?

I don’t mind if the show runners make astonishing efforts to tell myths. But I doubt the veracity of anything from 4chan.

Followup on theonering claims to have corroboration on some of that at least.

Was wondering how much they’d be able to mask that they’re not shooting in New Zealand anymore. Yup, those forests certainly look different.

On a different note: Tim Hickson put up a very long take on season 1 a few weeks ago. Certainly a deep dive on the problems he has with the narrative and the characters. (He regularly posts essays and has written a book on narratives and world building and also happens to be quite knowledgeable when it comes to Tolkien.)

Note: it’s about 2+ hours of that. The rest of the video is him having a go at the usual “go woke, go broke” alt-right fellas.

What!?!? What excuse could they possible have for choosing to not film on location in Middle Earth anymore?

Release date for s2 in August:

Is that Sauron in Legolas cosplay?

I’m assuming it’s his pretty-boy look for deceiving the elves.

Silly Elves, all you need is a wig and a shave…

I will sort of watch this because some scenes had some aesthetical value in the first season. I might watch without audio and fast forward through most of it though…

I think that Sauron the Maia was supposed to have taken that form, more or less, no?

Well I am curious, but Season 1 was…disappointing.

So I will probably wait to see what you guys think before I jump in.

Yes, but the double deception implied here seems silly: “I will fool you once by pretending to be an interesting human and after a full season of equivocation hurriedly manipulate you into making rings, and then I will turn into an elf with the exact same face and fool you into more unknown stuff”

Yeah, it’s hilarious. In season 3 Sauron can come back as a Hobbit. Same actor, just camera tricks/movie magic.