The Lord of the Rings, an Amazon joint


Malazan Book of the Fallen is the actual answer to this question, of course.

Would need a ludicrous budget though.


I look forward to HBO’s 15 season, 20 year epic series!


A short figure slowly walked into the edge of the campfire’s light.
“Tass… Tasslehoff? Are you okay?” Goldmoon asked, concerned about the shadow which seemed to follow him. He’d slipped away after a brief stop at a pub where a couple of humans gave him a hard time.
“Were you fretting over those jerks making fun of you?” asked Tika, chiming in from across the fire. “Don’t worry - you’re a handsome one, and I don’t even think anyone knows what ‘hipster’ means, anyway.”
“No, I’m not fretting anymore,” Tasslehoff responded. He drew closer to the fire, allowing its warm glow to light his features.

It was only then The Companions saw the dagger in his hand still dripping in blood. Raistlin looked up from his spell book, instantly understanding what had befallen the fools who crossed the legendary assassin, and silently nodded in respect.

“I warned them,” Tasslehoff spoke with a menace in his voice, “Don’t #$%@ with the hair.”


“I didn’t take their lives…Kender don’t steal, you see. I’m just…borrowing them,” he said, flipping a gleaming opal gemstone across the knuckles of his other hand. The stone appeared to be quietly screaming.


Riverwind and the Great Googley-Moogley Acid Blast will be studied for years by FX artists. Let’s get this made!


Tanis Half-Elven scratched his beard as he approached the two women lying in their bedrolls. “Laurana, Kitiara, my human side wars with my elven side every waking moment. Laurana, your golden hair and pointed ears personify the exotic and ethereal nature of your Qualinesti people. Kitiara, your dark curly locks and heaving bosom embody the lusty nature of mankind. To resolve this struggle in my heart, I must bang one of you immediately.”

Laurana gasped, and pulled her blanket to her neck, revealing an expanse of shapely thigh. Kitiara’s dark eyes amusedly glittered in the campfire light. “How about I give you a half and half, then?”


Isn’t Dragonlance one of those series when viewed outside the lens of being a teenager when they came out, it does’n’t hold up well?


I think most people would agree with that. Not Brian Koontz, though.


Why just imitate what HBO is doing? Why not go in a completely different direction and do Discworld?


Sounds like it’s a done deal. And still unclear whether it’s straight LotR, or something else.



Awesome! So much potential for storytelling in that universe - Its a rich world in pretty much everyones mind, and a story about someone NOT of the fellowship of the Ring should be pretty great.


It’s a prequel, sez The Verge. This could be amazing.


Huh, it mentions events set before FotR. Wasn’t that Grey Company thing supposed to be that as well?


Hopefully set before The Hobbit too. I’m all Bilbo’d out


Well, Children of Hurin is right there waiting to be picked up.


Just wait, it’s going to be when Bilbo and Sam and the gang were in high school.


I would think the urgency on the Tolkien estate side of things is on licensing The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales.

Copyright on The Silmarillion appears to be up in 2028. Unfinished Tales? 2031.

If you started in pre-development work on a Silmarillion series right now, and it ran for ~7 years? The series would end right about when or just before the copyright on the underlying work expires, at least under UK law.

The Silmarillion was published under JRRT’s name, posthumously, in 1977. JRRT died in 1973 and the Silmarillion was published before the 1988 amendments to the Act came into force. It is governed by the old “life of the author plus 50” rule. (Guy Gavriel Kay did not get a copyright in the work, so joint authorship does not apply.)

Make hay while the sun shines.


Can you imagine the confusion, given Ringworld has already been announced?


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