The Loved One - revisited

This is a movie that I come back to in regular intervals. It is such a strange, bizarre movie. And for my part, it still holds up. On the surface, it is about a young british guy (Robert Morse) travelling to L.A. to visit his uncle (John Gielgud) and finds himself entangled with the local funeral industry (humans and pets).

Tony Richardson created an enchanted place with fake Whispering Glades. Even fake, there is some magic to it.

It is also very, very funny in subtle and not so subtle ways.

Here are some images, enjoy

Liberace as a salesman “Not merely waterproof,
nor moisture-proof, Mr. Barlow… …but dampness-proof.”

Mr. Joyboy (Rod Steiger) and Ms. Thanatagenous (Anjanette Comer)

The Falls of Xanadu and Robert Morse

Random shot

some random quotes

“There’s got to be a way to get those stiffs off my property”

“We can give you entombment, empyrement, dissemination or eternalization.”

“Oh yes, every anniversary, a card of remembrance is sent without charge and it reads, “Your little Arthur is thinking of you and wagging his tail in heaven, tonight.””

“This building, like all others in Whispering Glades is built of cast iron and reinforced concrete.It is certified protection against fire, earthquake and nuclear fission.”

I love when directors go all-in after winning an Oscar. It was covered recently on Tarantino’s podcast, so I’ve added it to my viewing queue! That Liberace pic just moved it up a notch. Steiger also resembling his deeply unsettling peroxide look from The Big Knife. I love this last hurrah era of B&W just before the television networks insisted on only buying color movies.