The Magicka thread

Game to be released tomorrow.
Price: 9€.

Hey, i remember this game from ages (yeeears) ago! It was supposed to be a parody RPG game… oh look, now it’s an action RPG with a bit of humor. Mmmm… still interesting, it reminds me of Nox, both the colorful style and the magic. In fact, the magic system seems cool and developed. And it also has coop.

RPS first article

Paradox page
Dude explaining the game

That RPS article is fantastic and sold me on it, if I can find a few other people to play with.

I’m sold.

Any word on whether or not it has LAN coop or is it internet only?

Thanks for the links! That RPS article sold me as well.

I know it does have Internet play and various players in the same pc (with pads), but i don’t know if includes LAN.

From the Paradox forums:

The RPS article sold me too.

If you charge up healing and cast it on your sword, your sword will be imbued with healing magic and the next person you stab will be healed instead of harmed, and so on.

You cast whatever you like, as fast as you like, and friendly fire isn’t something you worry about so much as it’s an integral and hilarious part of the game.

a recipe for good times.

There is post in RPS that sounds like he played the BETA or is a journalist with a copy:

There is also a video in this GS preview that shows very very f/x. The game won’t be the next Crysis, but the smoke, dynamic lights, fire, sparks, blood, etc, have a very good quality.

This sounds fantastic thinking a first day buy so hilarity can ensue.

Why is there no way for me to give them money on steam right now? No price or anything…

Ahh, the first-day confusion. I only hope that it’s easy to just hop into a game with a group of randoms for maximum confusion!

Game looks like great fun. I’m guessing there is no comprehensive spell list available?

If the price is right, I’ll pick it up. May wait until it’s on sale though. We’ll see.

Going to run $10/€10 I believe, as this is what it is currently going for on Gamersgate.

I am just worried about the dexterity involved in rapidly typing out a bunch of spells real quick. I am not sure I am up to that challenge, otherwise it looks like it could be a really cool game.

If that’s the case, I’m in! It does look fun.

This looks pretty awesome. Might pick up a copy. Hope it has LAN play, but I could live without it. I guess. Barely.

As noted above:

I won’t get into the technical stuff too much but the steam version uses steamworks (game browser , LAN, and direct IP) and the non-steam has another solution for online play (which supports LAN and direct IP).

Wow, I didn’t realize the spells were going to work like that. Sounds like multiplayer is mandatory if only for the sudden increase in magnitude of hijinks.

Interview + video preview