The Man Test for their jellybeans

Woman not allowed. Girls, you just turn around and march right back out the subject heading. :)

Man’s giblet’s

You all need to do it, so lets talk about it and stop giggling:
It’s the Man Test.

Now I think I’m not doing this exam correctly as everything hurts. my guys… you know: “my beanie babies”. But of course I don’t want to waste a visit to the doctor’s just for a friendly fondle-a-thon since I’m sure I’m fine I just can’t seem to follow proper form.

So how many of you macho guys perform your “jellybean” exams once a year? Is to supposed to hurt this much? Have any of you every found something from a traditional exam like this and had to do something?
What did you do?

So we’re not mature to call them testicles, balls, or nuts? We have to use jellybeans?

And I wouldn’t say that a self exam hurts, at least when I’ve done it. I feel uncomfortable for a time, but I wouldn’t call it pain. It’s more like the same feeling you get when you see someone else get kicked in the groin - you remember the uncomfortable pain of the moment but it’s not really the same thing.

OK, first things first. If you’re going to start a new thread urging people to embrace some kind of rigorous medical protocol, make sure that the protocol isn’t written in ambienese.

Never been comfortable, especially with the way they handled it in Church Catechism. Saying some terms around religious figures made on slef-conscious.

I have no idea what you are talking about. But I attended a Presbyterian church as a kid so maybe it’s a catholic thing?

Sigh, I thought this thread was gonna be about actual jellybeans. I am disappoint.

So, you should turn to your doctor in case of tentative symptoms of testicular cancer:

• Study is painful;

Maybe you should see a doctor if it hurts.

I think jp may be on some new meds tonight.

Once a year? The official recommendation past age 30, 40? is that you’re supposed to do it once a month.

Is to supposed to hurt this much?

What the hell are you doing in there?

Came here expecting a guide to what jellybean flavors to eat if you want to avoid looking gay. Horribly disappointed.

What language is this article translated from?


If it doesn’t hurt, it’s already too late for you.

Surely even jerri blank would not defend jpinard from flames in such an epic thread. I feel secure in loudly proclaiming that this is blatantly nonsensical to such an extent that it transcends time itself and has lowered my IQ retroactively.

A pox on this thread’s creator, and his jellybeans! May this thread’s disk sectors irrevocably and spontaneously corrupt themselves!


That’s exactly what I thought it was going to be as well. It did not seem impossible given who the thread creator was.

Jeff - If your sugarlumps feel misshapen, any bumps or nodules where there aren’t usually any, or if there’s pain on a regular basis, then you should probably go see a doctor. Better safe than sorry.

I thought this thread was going to be about a band called “The Man Test” praising their favourite kind of candy, thus justifying the inclusion of four pounds of it in their rider. Hey, there have been weirder threads here.

I too am let down by the content of this thread.