— Alan

Looks interesting.

Ah! Captain Nixon! Interesting to see him again, no idea what he has been up to since Band of Brothers.

As for the movie itself: might be fun. But seeing how few movies I have actually watched in the cinema over the last 20-odd years (basically: Star Wars and Lord of the Rings), I’ll probably end up watching it on Netflix in a few years time…

For me the first Ron Livingston association will always be Office Space, but I guess Band of Brothers came a couple of years later. Then what?

This movie looks like it could be the perfect Sam Elliott role.

Am I the only one who gets him and Kyle Chandler mixed up? I’ll see one of them in something and often think it’s the other.

Strangest premise for a movie I’ve seen since Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but damn if that trailer doesn’t make me want to watch it. I like Sam Elliott in damn near anything. In fact, I could probably watch two hours of Sam Elliott cursing at me personally and still love it, maybe while he sipped some whiskey and spit some tobacco.

Bring it on.

Crazy premise, looks awesome!

Ron Livingston was also in the second to last season of Boardwalk Empire if I remember correctly…

Douglas Trumbull is also apparently an Executive Producer (and did effects work for).

— Alan

Every damn time.

The movie looks kinda cool. But the trailer is not great. A little boring.

Kennedy shot first

I laughed.

You just laughed at a “Pixels” movie joke.

So, has anyone seen this? Did it even get a theatrical release? I just noticed it’s up for streaming rental on Amazon Video- $6.99. That’s crazy expensive for a rental, but less than half the price of a theater ticket, so I’m still tempted- the premise just looks so funky, I’m intrigued. If no one answers, I might just take one for the team and rent it in the next week or so when my gal and I have time.

It is terrible. Any creativity begins and ends with the title, which is quite literally the sum total of the movie. A huge waste of Sam Elliott and his mustache from a filmmaker who’s seen way too many Coen brothers movies without appreciating what makes them work.


Whoa. That’s too bad.

Awww that sucks.

— Alan

Watch this instead:

Hulu popped this up on the menu tonight and I watched it because Sam Elliot. Was hoping the Hitler-and-Bigfoot thing would have some kind of cool hook like time travel or aliens or something, ah well. I did find it interesting that the Bigfoot had to be put down because it was spreading a deadly virus. Even the Canadian wilderness isn’t sufficient social distancing!