The man with the Wii U

Hello. I have a Wii U. Ask me anything!

Why? And by that I mean, “Why?”

Will you loan me it and Lego Undercover?

Why did you decide to buy it now instead of waiting to see if the promised system sellers ever see the light of day (and see it outside Japan)?

Why not join the rest of the Wii U owners over in the dedicated thread?

Can I borrow it after Nightgaunt?

Cuz I saw it in a pawn shop and I wanted it…I didn’t even know what it was lol :)

Not unless you have money ?

I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about. :)

Good question!!!

Not unless you have monies? Make sure you take a picture of the money :)

It all makes sense now…

Does P = NP? Please show your work.

What do you do with your Wii U at night, when you are alone together?