The Many Other Crimes of Donald J Trump

Trump is prolific. He’s currently under scrutiny by 17 different investigations. Not all of those are covered by our existing threads, not to mention that the other threads are groaning under the weight of too many posts. So: new thread!

This thread is for Trump-related crimes, scandals, and investigations not related to Russia, or to payoffs of people he’s slept with. This is the place to talk about:

  • The emoluments case
  • The Trump Foundation investigation
  • Influence peddling in the Middle East
  • And no doubt many more. The fun’s just getting started!

To get things started, NY state AG Underwood today announced that the Trump Foundation was being dissolved - but, and this is the important bit, that the criminal investigation into it continues. And that ain’t good for the family Trump:

It is worth noting that the Clinton Foundation’s comparatively puny conflicts of interest attracted vastly more campaign coverage than the Trump Foundation did. In a normal presidency — i.e., one not beset by numerous other investigations — the Trump Foundation probe would be five-alarm fire news. Indeed, it does pose a very serious ongoing threat to Trump and his family members. The details that have emerged already in public, even before the investigation has concluded, reveal the foundation as a vehicle for what is basically straight-up theft. And since the investigation is occurring at the state level, Trump’s pardon power, which only applies to federal crimes, is useless.

David Farenthold with the Washington Post did amazing investigative work proper to the election in 2016 and reported on all this stuff.

But it never got any traction.

I assume this is a good thread for non-Russia-related Trump family legal shenanigans as well?

This is also the, “Trump family acts like a mob family,” thread. I heartedly approve of the discussion. Jail them all.

Financial crimes are boring.

Oh, but did you see that sick burn on Insta from Cardi B? Yo!

Totally forgot to add “(that are interesting)” to the title

@HumanTon is awarded several points for having a meme free thread title and trusting readers to understand that this is a thread without being explicitly told so.

On topic: Jail them all! We can only hope.

Me, I’m wondering why Trump agreed to shutter the foundation. He doesn’t appear to have gotten anything in return. The lawsuit continues, and isn’t there some possibility of criminal charges coming out of what the lawsuit turns up?

Trump is so fucking stupid he probably thinks that shuttering it means the prosecutors have to stop investigating.

If you’re being investigated for committing crimes and you are in fact committing crimes, it’s generally advisable to stop committing crimes so you don’t get charged with even more crimes. Clearly the Foundation is doing something illegal merely by existing (which makes sense, considering the article linked above says it never has board meetings and the “treasurer” didn’t even know he was the treasurer.)

You joke but this is why we’re doomed. The Panama Papers get a collective yawn by the public, but reports and articles about random assholes, or even better C-list celebrities, on Twitter saying sarcastic things get constant coverage.

I can go on and on this is just the past couple weeks

This is the same place that those inane “reaction” videos come from on Youtube that get millions of hits. Journalists barely report what’s happening, they report on our reaction to what’s happening.

Comedy is reaction shots. is a great source for this sort of thing.

Also the Keep_Track subreddit.

The Trump Foundation is basically like your checking account, if your deposits were tax-deductible. I don’t think that’s boring.

Cross-posting this from the shutdown thread (thanks to nKoan) because this will surely come up in the emoluments suit:

The Park Service runs the Old Post Office Tower, which tourists flock to for the view, Trump leases the rest of the Old Post Office building from the Federal government for his hotel. Obviously sales of Trump tchotchkes at his hotel gift shop will fall if the tower is closed, so clearly the shutdown cannot extend to His Imperial Highness.

How is this possible?

Interesting Forbes article about how donors to Trump’s reelection are paying for his business operations.

And as a subscriber to that donor mailing list, I see that donors are often asked to donate to the “Official Build The Wall Fund” or the “Official Stand With President Trump [against the “left wing mob”] Fund”… and this, hilariously, is where that money gets dumped. And as donor donations are often described as receiving matching amounts from ???, I wonder if money laundering might be a part of that too.


Your irregular reminder that even if Trump & clan skate on [fill in the blank], there are roughly ten million things he and his can be charged with. Including the massive slush fund that is the 2016 Inauguration:

The $107 million event has been under investigation for months, including by federal prosecutors in New York and New Jersey, for profligate spending and questions about foreign donations. The latest subpoena appears to be probing potential self-dealing by the Trump Organization and members of the president’s family, according to two people familiar with the investigation.