The Many Other Crimes of Donald J Trump

It’s not something I’m entirely comfortable with, but when it’s that or facing severe danger, I’m willing to do just about anything to stop the folks who want me dead.

If that makes you uncomfortable, the prospect of Republicans winning is actually dangerous.

It’s easy to furrow your brow when you have less to lose.

Yeah, the answer used to be “let the electoral system work it out.” And mostly, it did. With the shift towards non-negotiable values–even Supreme Court justices are privately saying some things simply cannot be compromised on, and those things directly target specific groups of Americans in very harmful ways–and a theological approach to politics (again), “losing a few elections” can be literally fatal for some groups.

OTOH, there are no good alternatives that come to mind at the moment other than to keep contesting at the polls and work to change peoples’ minds.

It’s like there is nowhere else to talk about the election.

I plan to vote for New York style.

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Yeah, that was irritating me too, but I decided to take a deep breath and let it go. It’s going to be a topic that excites everyone and the majority of discussion until November. Thus it’s going to creep into every P&R thread.

Wr could be talking about Trump’s meeting with his parole officer yesterday. I mean, there’s no news about it, but when has that ever stopped us?

30 minutes, by Zoom, with his lawyer present.

Guess three ways that differs from the experience of the typical convicted felon.

In no way is he a typical convicted felon, it bears mentioning.

Now that I’ve been made aware of that fact, I could maybe spot you Zoom for that.

So justice isn’t blind exactly, just maybe a little nearsighted.

Of all the things to get peeved about, this isn’t one of them, at least not for me. It’s a relatively practical expedient and in the end doesn’t change anything. It does save the court a lot of angst and probably costs though.

So, a big chunk of the presentencing interview revolves around establishing the facts of your life – where you live, how the court can reach you, how officers of the court can contact you, verifying employment, income, family, etc. etc.

Those are all very well known and even a matter of public record in the case of this particular convicted felon. So that pretty much gets the interview down to just the nitty-gritty, really.

And if you are represented by your own counsel and can pay your own counsel, you may have your attorney present for your presentencing interview. (If your counsel is a public defender, you may not, because it is an elective appearance for the attorney.)

In the MAL docs case, yesterday was the deadline for Trump to provide a list of any expert witnesses he intends to call at trial. Instead of providing that list, he asked if he could provide it on July 8. Cannon says that he should have asked before now, but also, why not?, he can provide the list on July 8.

Well, when you’re a celebrity, they just let you.

Gift article from Harry Litman, writing in Atlantic about the consequences of Trump’s NY conviction. Worth a read!

I don’t know about the time because that seems like it might be contingent on other factors, but I would be happy to have both of those other things granted to convicted felons.

Sadly the gift portion of that link doesn’t appear to work as a paywall appears by paragraph four. :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah, another replier also reinforced the differential treatment of rich white folks but I don’t think that was the point they were intending to make :⁠-⁠)

Here’s the archive version: