The Marvel Cinematic Universe Post-Endgame

They just talked about that possibly happening in this week’s episode of Ms. Marvel! And that happened towards the end of Marvel’s What If?! And it nearly happened at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home! And it nearly happened in Sony’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse! And it sounded like that was going to happen at the end of phase 3/start of phase 4 with Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home (though that turned out to be a hoax). And that started to happen more towards the end of Loki – though that was more about opening the door to a multiverse where these incursions could happen than actually worrying about incursions.

These multiverses are just bubbling over with peril and possibilities.

Well, that certainly makes it sound like the incursions thing is what they’re building up to. Maybe I gotta watch Loki again, at least the last episode.

Think of it this way: In twenty years, Chris Hemsworth will be the age that Don Cheadle is now (okay one year older, but still…). And if they do the King Thor storyline, then I can see him still playing Thor at least that long.

I mean, Harrison Ford is still playing Indiana Jones…

I think the end of Loki is more “the Multiverse and alternate realities are A Thing now”, and Far From Home is the one where multiple universes are breaking in to our reality. I am kind of curious how it’s all going to fit together, but they’re definitely making sure that the multiverse is threaded through a fair amount of the stories.

Well, it looks like the studio MO of hiring young unproven directors doesn’t even require that their previous movies be good. The guy who made Cloverfield Paradox just got put in the director’s chair for the Anthony Mackie Captain America movie.

You guys remember Cloverfield Paradox, don’t you? Remember how well that worked out?

I know I do. Anyway, I really didn’t care for the Russo brothers Avengers movies, so I’m probably not the target audience for this. But if I were, I’d be pretty despondent about the news. However, I haven’t seen his two non-Cloverfield movies, so maybe I’m assuming too much from that ill-fated Netflix disaster.


Well, that’s…a thing that happened today. Glad for a Mackie Cap flim. But the last few Marvels have been much more Director heavy (for good and bad…often in the same film) and strayed far from the already broad road earlier MCU films had stayed within. So I’m not sure I give them as much benefit of the doubt as I did before. But I’ll be there for a Cap flick.

Hah, well as someone who remembers Cloverfield Paradox, that’s terrible news. But as someone who just saw back to back MCU films where “auteurs” produce indulgent messes, maybe we’re due for the pendulum to swing back toward an MCU film basically produced by committee with the director as just a name to slap on the credits.

Hmm. I actually have seen Luce, one of his other, more well-regarded movies, and while it is a load more cohesive and emotionally engaging than Cloverfield Paradox, I don’t know if that’s specifically due to the directing or just the script simply being better. I guess he gets partial credit anyway since he helped write the script.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing in Luce that speaks to his action-quip directing, which is 75% of most MCU scripts.

Edit: Oh! More concerning is that the film’s writer, at least at this stage, is Malcolm Spellman. He was head writer on Falcon and the Winter Soldier series which I did not care for.

I know this is a popular criticism to make of the Marvel movies, but I’ve watched most of the special features on most of the movies, and with one or two possible exceptions, I can’t think of any where the director isn’t actively involved in all stages of the movie’s development.

If they’re going to give an MCU movie to a nearly-unknown director, why not the guys who made Freaks (2018)? Those guys seem to know what they’re doing, but haven’t apparently gotten much work since then.

I don’t know if this was a rhetorical question, but I’m sure they specifically chose a Nigerian-American director and a black screenwriter for the first Captain America movie with Anthony Mackie as the lead.

I don’t care which movie they give to those guys. Probably the one where they bring in the x-men would be a good choice, whenever that is.

I’m exaggerating, it’s not that the directors aren’t involved at all. Just that they’re not exerting a great deal of personal influence over the project the way Gunn, Waititi, Raimi, Black, or even Branagh did.

Who is Black??

Shane Black, IM3.

Ohhhh completely forgot about him! I guess I think of it more as a Shane Black movie than an Iron Man movie.

Which is my point :)

That is funny. “Black” didn’t register for me as being the last name of Shane Black either, and I love the guy’s work. Some people only live in my head as full names.

Aren’t there people who think the guy who did the second movie in the most recent Star Wars movie is really good, and that movie stunk.