The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


I think the biggest surprise for me here is the look of the show. I guess I sort of always took the loveliness of various Gilmore Girls episodes for granted. “Oh look, a pretty small town in New England looks pretty.”

But this is just a revelation about ASP and her husband Daniel Palladino. I’m not sure what the right word is here. Lush maybe? I mean everything, from the dingy interior of the Gaslight to the cramped music store, to the gorgeous department store, to the apartments and whatnot…it’s all such eye-candy in its own way. Even the streets of 1950s New York are amazing.

And the costumes. Holy shit the costumes. I mean, I’m not usually the kind of person who really notices costuming that much, but some of the dresses they put Midge in are like an explosion on the senses. They remind me of nothing so much as some of the costuming Edith Head did for Hitchcock movies like Rear Window and Vertigo. They’re just amazing.


As ASP noted on stage accepting the Golden Globe, none of Amazon’s checks bounced. They put money into the show.


I even remarked to my wife that the dresses were just amazing. Many of them would be fashionably smashing today.


Yes! The dresses are SO good!

If only all 40’s outfits looked like Hayley Atwell’s Agent Carter and all 50’s outfits looked like Midge’s.



Mrs Kub and I just started watching this and we’re having a blast! Incredibly well-written and acted, with great characters and a great sense of history.


Started watching this with my (grown-ass 30 year old OMG how’d I get so fucking old) son and we are both totally digging it.


This show just ate everyone’s lunch at the Emmys.

Best comedy writing award, best direction of a comedy series, best supporting actress for the amazing Alex Borstein, Best lead actress to Rachel Brosnahan.


Mrs. Maisel’s music supervisor also wins an Emmy.


Wonderful. It’s certainly deserving of all the awards and accolades.


Really gotta finish watching the season


I just wish the second season was already here! So glad it’s getting its due at the Emmys.


Barry just took Supporting and Lead Comedy Actors, but it’ll probably lose the Big Prize to Maisel.


Yes, yes you do need to finish season one, because wowooowwwww.


Well-deserved, and it’s about time Amy Sherman-Palladino got some recognition!

Gilmore Girls and Bunheads couldn’t possibly be further out from my wheelhouse, totally the kinds of shows I actively avoid, and I watched every single one. That’s magic, right there.


I keep hearing good things about this Gilmore Girls thing.


Season 1 of Gilmore Girls was about as perfect as TV gets.


The story arc of the first three GG seasons is just tremendous.

And after that, it gets hit-and-miss. But if you fall in love with the characters in the first three seasons and treat the latter half of the series as…I dunno…bonus content or something, it’s worth it.


The Gilmore Girls are a merc unit out of Eridanus Epsilon. They’re blockade runners, moving cargo for the highest bidder in their deceptively fast vessels. Any cargo. In the first episode, they’re shipping vaccines to a plagued planetoid in Ursa Minor when they’re ambushed by privateers and a glorious dogfight ensues. Don’t want to spoil any more, but safe to say I think you’d like it.


Yeah, the excesses really started to get out-of-hand after a while. I can only take so many wacky characters.


I agree, Rear-Admiral April Nardini was a step too far. Obviously any officer in the Star’s Hollow Navy is going to be bloodthirsty, but that actress just chewed the scenery. Not to mention the torture porn. Just too far, man. Old Man Mariano didn’t deserve to go down like that.

She redeemed herself when she sunk Paris Gellar’s slaver dreadnaught in a single cross-beam capital ship broadside from the shadow of an induced nova, though, I’ll tell you what!