The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


Maisel just won Best Comedy.

And I just shot over to Amazon’s home page and you can barely find it.

Oh, Amazon. You just hoovered every major Comedy Emmy; TRUMPET IT. You know millions of people are trying to find it right now.


All I know about it was Jared Padalecki was on it as a character named Dean, which is pretty funny.


He’s so keen!


Good for Maisel. It was a one-day binge for me. Did Tony Shalhoub win anything?


No. Best Supporting Comedy Actor went to Henry Winkler.

It was a brutal category.


Hmmm… Is Barry any good?


Barry is terrific. It’s equal parts hilarious and dark.


I’ll cue it up next. Just finished Ozark today.


Ohhh, you’re a Supernatural guy, right?

You owe it to yourself to watch the Dean seasons of Gilmore Girls, if for no other reason than you get to make the head-canon that he’s somehow playing the same character, and starts hunting demons after a bad breakup with Rory.


Now I want a show with Dean and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce as rogue demon hunters.


I would watch the everloving fuck out of that.


So glad it won. I loved this show, and Borstein has been a comedy treasure for years, getting recognized twice this year was great. (She won for VO for Family Guy — finally)

Rachel Brosnahan is so great too, the direction, the sets, the costumes, the acting (Tony Schaloub and Kevin Pollak are both great as well, as well as Marin Hinkle)

Really looking forward to season 2.


Almost done. Winkler is great. Happy as I am for him, he is not Shaloub’s equal this season. The show is pretty good. It’s no Maisel.


My wife and I have started watching. We’ve gone through 4 episodes. I’ll grant that it is funny, but the staging is just driving me crazy. It is clearly written for live theatre rather than television, and it just feels off. I don’t enjoy filmed stage productions for the same reason.


You know what baffles me?

If Amazon decided to sell this on blu-ray, with behind the scenes features like commentaries, deleted scenes, bloopers and the like, even though I have Prime, I would totally buy it.

Why isn’t Amazon doing something like this?


They haven’t put any of their series on disc. I’d kill for some Bosch blu-rays.


Exactly. I feel like they’re leaving money on the table here.


My wife and daughter are dragging me through this; it’s killing my teenager that I can’t find more time in my day to binge-watch… I’m pretty much stuck at one episode per day, and she eventually just got frustrated and watched all the episodes in a two-day period. I remember when I had that amount of free time…

Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying it. The writing is great.


Still no date except “Fall 2018” for Season Two, but this is nice: