The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


Watch this Jean Carroll video from the same period:

Or Joan Rivers:

I’m not an expert on comedy history either, but standup has some roots in burlesque. A lot of what we think of as stand-up history (including the two clips above) is filtered by being broadcast on television (particularly the Ed Sullivan show), so the racier bits weren’t included. But Lenny Bruce and Mort Stohl are real comics who appear as characters on Mrs. Maisel performing their actual routines. And, as you can see above, a discursive (or even elliptical, ala Bruce) style was perfectly normal for period comics. Not all of it was Bob Hope delivering one-liners and Jack Benny doing double-takes for the audience.


These are great examples, thanks for finding them. Man, Joan Rivers was so so great.

I think these do dampen my criticism a bit, but to refine my take: It’s the highly confessional style that feels modern. Mrs. Maisel talks about her marriage onstage and other aspects of her personal life, as I recall. And that’s something I still don’t see even in those examples.

Anyway, it’s such a well-produced show. I could watch Rachel Brosnahan forever and ever. And every episode, I can’t get over the musical choices. Can’t wait for Season 2.


YES! So good.


Sry I was grumpy about disliking some of this. Meaning i want to go back and watch it but i am grumpy for wanting to. But I did like the amazing scenes and her absolutely amazing acting. But I just lost my patience with the romance without reason. it cheapens women once again. Though obviously in 19-- we were super underpowered. (was it 1936? I would have to look).


I think that’s a LOT of what the first episode lays the groundwork for - the world she lives in as a Jewish housewife in the 50’s (as well as her parents’ reactions, etc…

My guess is that after the events of season 1, you should see a lot more of what you’re looking for in season 2, especially with it (as I recall) being set in Paris.


I appreciate the comments. It may even be I can’t look back at the past and watch women treated as such,

I couldn’t watch Madmen for the same reason.

But they do a good job in the episodes I watched in her eyes , and her frustration. She is an excellent actor,


The thing I loved most about Mad Men was how strong the women were. Great stuff. And yes they were treated terribly, in a way that felt appropriate to the period. Quite understandable that it could be tough to watch.


I think that one of the best parts of Mad Men is Peggy Olsen’s storyline, as well as the things you see with Sally Draper, Trudy Campbell and Joan Holloway. The first 2 seasons are so are kind of rough in that way, but I think the idea is that as the decade rolls into the mid 60s you see drastic changes in attitudes, and I think it is one of the more ultimately rewarding parts of the show. The show here is about Don Draper, but I think that the female characters are what make the show shine, especially because you personally see how things change for them from 1961 to 1970.

Also one of my favorite moments in television

One thing I like about Maisel so far is the complicated relationship she has with her (ex)husband, they share custody and see eachother a lot, and I like how they are keeping him around as a character. I think his having to deal with her being about 100 times better at his dream than he is, is fascinating to watch.

Really looking forward to season 2 here.



That is so encouraging.


Yep, I was a little concerned about where it would go after that first season, and I’m not totally convinced that ASP can do what Michael Schur and Greg Daniels do so well – adapting a series around changing characters and scenery but keeping things funny tonally. Gilmore Girls certainly struggled in that regard.


Finally getting around to finishing, what with the new season about to start. Watched 6-7 last night.

My wife noted a brilliant opportunity for a joke they whiffed on:

“She’s my daughter.”
“For now.”
“What does that even mean?”

“There’s a divorce attorney in the next room.”


Season 2 is now live!


And, three episodes in, it’s marvelous!


I see what you did there.


Well, without spoiling any jokes by recounting them in a hamfisted manner, there have been a number of laugh-lines, visual gags, and implausible situations that make me chuckle aloud as I remember them. A few of the characters have gone on unexpected and unexpectedly moving journeys, and Midge continues to demolish and/or bomb on stage or wherever.

Funniest so far was a discussion about the rich and the poor, combined with a callback to an earlier sight gag that wasn’t funny ha-ha on its own. What a terrific show.


Watched episode 1 of season 2. So glad the show is back!


Is it binge bait again? Should I basically wait until I can just do the thing in one go? If it is, I’d rather hold off until I can devote the time.


Who’s you favorite actor?


I’m alternating between episodes of Maisel and The Patriot. Makes for an interesting contrast in energy.