The Matrix game

Enter the Matrix… any good as a game?

anybody know? kinda looks ghey… but it could be good.

I guess I’ll just get GTA VC for PC this week.


The first stuff I had heard about it sounded really cool, but the gameplay movie they released a couple of weeks ago totally changed my mind. The game looks like ass by today’s standards. It looks like a mod of Oni with similar gameplay, save for your requisite driving section and ship flying section.

I’m waiting until I see the movie before I try and play it.

But but but but but… the NY TIMES says it will revolutionize gaming!

When the gameplay video was released, Shacknews did a poll about it where the winning response was, “Is that the Quake I engine?”

And interestingly, the 2nd most popular answer (which was just behind the 1st) was, “Looks awesome”

Salon’s got an article up.

According to Shiny’s president, Dave Perry, their participation was far more explicit than suggestive. Says Perry: “They basically had an arc for the story and they knew exactly how it would all fit together – the beginning, the middle and the end – and they had gotten right down to the point where they said to me, ‘Okay, you’re in this situation and you get this and head to the front door but the front door has been all sealed and the place starts closing in on you.’”

Of course, it helps to remember that the Wachowski brothers are, themselves, passionate fans of both anime and video games. (Perry has noted that the brothers have an Xbox and PlayStation 2, and play “tons of games.”) This gives them an edge that most directors will never have: They understand the logic of these media on a basic, instinctive level. The Wachowskis view these forms, which are so often seen as the extraneous trappings of a film’s product line, as meaningful projects of their own.

My suck alarms are going off.

Watching movies does not make one a good director.
Playing games does not make one a good game designer.

I really hope it bombs so the movie makers stay in their realm and the game makers in theirs. Otherwise, expect an influx of games where you “play the movie” taking the place of original products.


While I agree with the “lesson learned” you mentioned above, Dave, I don’t agree that I hope the game bombs. Shiny deserves credit for being a good game developer and doesn’t deserve to eat shit just because we don’t like participation by a movie exec.

why that’s just fan-fucking-tastic, they’ve got the entire experience scripted out for us exactly how they want to see it! but what if the player doesn’t head to the front door right away? hmm, this whole “player has free will” concept is cramping our cinematic style, can’t we just burn an “ideal” playthrough of the game to DVD and sell that instead?

film directors shouldn’t play designer for the same reasons that game designers shouldn’t play director. THEY FUCKING SUCK AT IT. yes, even you hideo kojima. “HI I CAN MOVE THE CAMERA AROUND A BUNCH AND TALK ABOUT DISSONANCE, I’M A DIRECTOR NOW, GAMES ARE FINALLY ART NOW WHEEEE!!”


I think you’re a little late.

And there’s no way that anything connected to the Matrix won’t sell like gangbusters. Matrix Cocopuffs would fly off the shelves.

If they manage to do a passable game, a la Spiderman, they will be carting the cash back in semi’s.

But I’m with you in spirit. I hope the game sells like it deserves to, for good or bad.

I enjoyed Max Payne with the Kung Fu mod and the Matrix mods, so I’m willing to give Enter the Matrix a chance. I watched the Fileplanet subscriber videos of the game, and am interested to see how the control scheme functions & the combos string together.

I still think the engine looks dated. I’m assuming there was some mandate to hit a low system requirement.

It seems that they based the game on PS2 hardware, then ported that over to the other platforms and didn’t have time to update the graphics for Xbox/GC/PC.

It’s definitely not going to turn any heads graphics wise, but hopefully the gameplay will be there. Not that I’m holding my breath though.

Otherwise, expect an influx of games where you “play the movie” taking the place of original products.

except of course,that this is the game where youdon’t ‘play the movie’- it’s a side story that intersects with the movie, but doesn’t actually follow it. Think ‘Rosencratz & Guildenstern Are Dead’ to ‘Hamlet’ any you won’t be too far off. Except not nearly as cool, I’ll bet. :?

True dat, Don. That makes it double egregious in some ways and slightly cooler in others. Still, I’d prefer the film makers stay out of the game making stuff. Directing virtual actors just means they’re making movies without real people instead of letting the player make his own “movie” he can tell his pals about after playing the game the way he wanted to.

Not to mention how few movies really are gameworthy anyway. I’d much rather see games makers create the games and the franchises on their own. That way gameplay is always better suited to whatever stories they think they need to tell. Even better, remove the storytelling for the most part and let me just “play”.


It hit the warez scene late last week I believe, so if you look hard enough you can probably find someone to get a firsthand opinion from.

Doesn’t follow? Umm…thats why they said that you shouldn’t even be playing this game unless you want to be spoiled for the movie.

There are some EB employees posting impressions over at Gone Gold’s forums. It sounds like a mixed bag.


at least i know the console verions are already getting a more than positive respond by the look of the local distributors’ faces. a movie and a game on multiple platforms have started an advertisment spree all around the city… i can’t imagine this doesn’t apply to other major cities in the world…

OTOH i think the game industry needs something new (more sims anyone?) and this could be it. of course we have all seen really bad games made out of movies and vise versa (wait tomb raider the movie wasn’t too bad… and the sequal is coming soon with err angelina getting wet ! :twisted: )… but i look forward to the possibilities of new ideas that movie makers might bring to the game industry. clive barker’s undying wasnt that bad… :?