The Matrix Online Impressions

Matrix Online Impressions

When you move around and meet another player or an NPC and end up in a fight, you get to control your character’s strategy by clicking “power”, “defend”, and “speed” – you do not control the actual fighting. Thus the fighting itself is animated to perfection and never ends up in frantic dog-fights. In order to make the fights even cooler, players get special moves and can even learn to use the environment during fights. Toby Ragaini showed me an absolutely stunning move, where a character used a wall to perform a special kick.

Great, another MMORPG that requires me to watch instead of play.

That’s pretty much how they all work.

All I want for Christmas is a Neuromancer MMORPG. Let me ICQ and email from within the game’s interface, browse the web, whatever. Make it the first game that doubles as an OS. Mmmm… cyberspace.