The Matrix Online - QT3 rolecall

Just got my copy of The Matrix Online in the mail and will probably be “jacking in” or whatever the fuck they call it tonight or this weekend.

Any other QT3ers playing? If so please post your nickname and the server you’re on. It’d be more fun if I can get into some server with people I “know” on it.

Welcome to the Matrix Gary,

Welcome to the Matrix Myth.


Hee hee… :D. Gary, would love to hear your impressions…

Gary I’m on LineNoise as Jukko. Name is probably temporary as I’d like to come up with something more…Matrixy…but all the cool names I had tried were already taken! Thing is, you only get 1 character per server and the name has to be unique across all of them. Christ, even Queball was taken!

I finally got onto Iterator as Drexl (my tenth name attempt). I only just started wandering around in the start area so if anyone wants to come by/send me a tell, pelase do!

I’m extremely bored … I started playing a game of Morrowind after I lost all interest in World of Warcraft and got bored of playing City of Heroes again… but now I’m kinda in a funk with the games I have and am looking for something new… is MxO really a decent game? I don’t really want to pick up another title that turns into a boring grindfest about 10-20 hours into it…

I agree with Kunikos. I think I’m just bored with MMORPG’s in general, and I’ve played almost all of them. From Everquest, to Earth and Beyond, Anarchy Online, Asheron’s Call 2, Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies, etc. I’m back to loving my single-player games (currently Brothers in Arms. AWESOME!) and several on my X-Box and Gran Turismo 4 for my PS2.

funny brothers in arms didn’t really seem that great to me… i’m just so sick and tired of the WWII shooter games…

I can’t get enough of WW2 shooters. I can always find something in each one that’s a little bit different. That and I am a massive history buff when it comes to WW2. My library is 522 books, all read cover to cover! :shock:


i broke down and got the game
played a bit online with whitta (drexl)
i’m kunikos on iterator, look me up

iterator was down so i made a character named lugwrench on regression… now it’s marked as closed… woopie… :( dunno whats going on tonight, but my first problems with the servers