The Matrix

Anyone else see the see the newest issue of GameNow with The Matrix on the cover? Oh my goodness, I’m seriously considering having my eyes removed in hopes that I’ll forget the horrors I’ve seen.

Yah, that was seriously ugly. I guess I should hold out on judgment until it’s released, but I’m not expecting much. Those graphics look worse than some Dreamcast games.

Apparently after Neo destroyed Agent Smith in the first movie, the virtual-neural reality we call “The Matrix” had to step down to 320x200 to save on bandwidth into our brains. Hey, what can ya do?

Any craptacular screenshots available on the 'net?

In case you haven’t read this yet

Not sure. I put the phrase “The matrix” in my NetNanny settings after seeing the screenshots.

Here are some low-res screenshots of the Matrix game:

On the plus side, it still looks better than Unreal II: Electric Boogaloo.

It only looks better than Unreal II if you have never actually seen screenshots of Unreal II.

We have.

“On the plus side, it still looks better than Unreal II: Electric Boogaloo.”

There have been plenty of quality screenshots of Unreal II released. I’m guessing you focus on these so you can reuse your(what you think is funny) name you have come up with.

If you think the Matrix shots look better you should get a vision test.

Do not try and play the Matrix game. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.

There is no gameplay.

Then you’ll see, that it is not the game that has been played, it is only your wallet.