The Maxx

The Maxx was a great comic book series by Sam Kieth from the early 90s. While the main character is a costume hero, the whole thing playes really different. MTV did an excellent animated series on the Maxx but its never been released on MTV. They finally put it online. Lots of adds though.

Cocksucking regioncoding douchebag fucktard shitcocks.

Ahem. It is getting really annoying to see “we’re sorry, the video you want to watch is unavailable do to some entirely arbitrary blocking created by fucking dinosaurs”.

Crap. I was hoping this thread was going to say that they finally released it on DVD.

Sam Keith had an interview on iFanboy recently. He really doesn’t like The Maxx.

It wasn’t really that great. Kieth started with an interesting idea, but then proceded to plod on to nowhere with it. I made it to about issue 34 and finally just gave up on the total lack of any kind of plot.

Ditto. Kept hoping for one for too long.

Fixed. And you’re… a writer, you say?

I am not and never will be a writer.

You must be an editor. :)

Are you sure it was never on TV? I seem to remember watching this, along with The Head.

Edit: oh, looks like maybe MTV only aired the first portion of it, and this is the full series?

Yea it was. I taped it back then on MTV. All 13 episodes. I don’t think they ever made anything after that.

Also, the site is missing episodes 7-13