The May Patreon Review Requests and Counter-Recommendations (warning: whole lotta links!)

So here’s an hour of me reading off the recommendations/suggestions/outright trolls submitted by my Patreon supporters from the month of May (click here if you’d like to join). The reason it’s an hour is because I’ve also submitted counter-recommendations, which are often of dubious relevance. But in the interest of opening the floor for more relevant counter-recommendations, or commentary on any of the choices, I figured I’d make a thread and include links to everything.

Under each name is that person’s pick, followed by my counter-recommendation.
If you want to hear my rationale, you’ll have to watch the video. This is going to be a whole lotta stuff. Apologies for cramming so many links into one post. I don’t know if there’s a better way to present them without bogging Discourse down, but – deep breath – here goes:

Alex C:

Clay H:

Hordur S:

Colton W:

Sam S:

Andrew S:

Juan R:

Jarmo P:

Sam H:

Joseph M:

Rich R:

Bruce G:

Johan O:

Soren H:

An episode of The Love Boat.

Andrew S:
The Wende Museum

Gregg R:

Andrew K:

Mike P:

David D:

Erik G:

Leroy B:

Sandu B:

We’re Alive

Matthew J:

John R:

Aleksei V:

Anthony M:

Jeff S:

Gene V:

Andy W:

Scott D:

Chris M:


Still processing. Tom, you tease!!!

Sandbaggers!!! God bless you Soren H.

Havent got to to the end so I dont know if I spoilt anything yet :)

Funny you counter-recommended the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Tom. I was tempted to write in and suggest you do the most recent Pathfinder ACG - Mummy’s Mask and see your thoughts on the progression with the series.

I’m happy the game is coming to PC though because all that shuffling for game setup gets to be a tad annoying after a while. I wish they’d go beyond Rise of the Runelords though.

Oh, I had gotten the Red Baron pack on GoG for the first game, and never bothered to check out the “3D” iteration’s manual. Loaded on the iPad right now!

Also, Tom’s mention of the Love Boat and then, at the end of the podcast, of laugh tracks reminded how I was still watching reruns of that show in the 90s in my home country, and then I had noticed that during some goof dubbing incident, hints of a laugh track were present. Blessed be France, we were spared any laughs or reactions during our loveboating (spoiler: still only makes it an almost “so bad it’s good” show).

Turns out you did. :D

And to be clear, The Sandbaggers is only a troll pick in that I suspect @tomchick is going to have real hard time with the 70:s tv aesthetic. I think it’s a brilliant show.

I think its absolutely fantastic. The fifth part in the Deighton/Le carre/Quiller/007 quintet which defines British cold war spy fiction.

I don’t know if it’s worth reading, but Redliners is free on Kindle right now.

Well, I hope the Afghanistan book is a real recommendation, because I just bought it - Looks intriguing!

That was Tom’s counter recommendation, and I bought it too.

Very relieved to hear that, Soren! I was pretty embarrassed to discover it’s not a sitcom. I think the title put me in mind of a bunch of goofy do-nothing slackers and their shenanigans. Hey, everybody, it’s the Sandbaggers in another wacky episode!

Oh, it definitely is! I meant everything I said about it. Well-written, lots of detail, touches on some fascinating elements of how Alexander managed such a large army for so long and so far from home. I tried to be very clear about any counter-recommendations that were semi-serious, like Trapped Child (aka Monolith aka Monument), The Hindenburg, and The Love Boat.


Yes, the Sandbaggers is amazing. Some of the best spy fiction ever put to video. And I suspect probably one of the few 70s TV shows that holds up today, especially to a generation like mine that wasn’t around for the 70s.

Greg Rucka’s Queen and Country comic (and subsequent novels) was heavily inspired by the show (indeed, is how I was turned on to it), and is also worth checking out.

I forget the main actors name but I know he bought the rights to Sandbaggers and was trying to bring the show back over the years.

I’m a hard core David Drake fan so YMMV, but yes, well worth it.

It’s funny, I haven’t posted in a long, long time, but I love this format of recommendation/counter-recommendation so much it inspired me to submit something. I’ve always enjoyed the year-in-review lists on the front page, and now I feel like I am getting one each month from all Qt3.

Will absolutely give the GameChurch guys a listen.

Considering Tom’s been drinking the same beer for ages now, we need more beer recommendations.