The Medium - Bloober Team's next horror joint

Probably also worth mentioning that The Medium will be a day one Game Pass release for PC and console.

Also probably worth noting that for console this is the first X|S exclusive. If you have an Xbox One original, S, or X, you can’t play it.

Considering how bad Blair Witch was from the same developer, I’m not too optimistic about this.

That’s nice, but I ordered a venti.

I’ll pick this up if my Xbox One ever gets forward compatibility.

Edit: Text article version of that:

Reviews are scattershot (seriously, I’ve seen 9.7/10 and 3/10) but generally averaging in the low 7s. The really weird case is Eurogamer that seems to have had two different people review it, one for the written and one for the video review , one recommends it and the other does not.

It’s unfortunate that this game has had so much pressure placed on it as the first next gen only Xbox exclusive. It never really had the budget to stand up to that kind of scrutiny.


That doesn’t look like concern trolling to me. Because it is unfortunate. That this game will be blamed for Xbox’s ongoing failure to be anywhere near as good as Playstation is such a shame. The Medium might as well be called The Scapegoat.

I’m sure you’re right, Brad is totally sincere and I’m a cynical bastard.

I try to believe in the best of everybody. Somewhere there’s a world where you’re both right.

Also, internet high five because that is a passive-aggressive masterpiece right there. You are a true Pacific Northwesterner.


The Medium is worth playing but only if you have Game Pass.

Thankfully I have Game Pass so can try it out. Will play on PC. Thankfully I haven’t placed any pressure on this game to meet certain contrived thresholds.

bloober team haha

lol… yeah, I mean, it’s no Godfall, right?

I played it up to the Title Card/Intro movie. I really like it so far.