The Men Who Stare At Goats

New trailer, here.

George Clooney is a Jedi.

Haha, that looks awesome.

That looks awesome, great cast. Always like seeing Clooney do comedy.

Man, that looks great.

I’m hoping that I get tickets for this at the Toronto Film Festival. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be watching this on Sept. 13.

Looks like it will do justice for the source material. Though, I’m baffled why they thought the Jon Ronson equivalent had to be American, especially when they had a British actor.

(Now, where’s the Edgar Wright/Mike White They film?)

please post trailers from youtube, is not great for some of us…


You are the same guy posting in another thread that the logical solution for virus protection is to purchase a Mac.

I guess I have to use the search field on Youtube for you.

Edit: whup, beat me to it.

well, it’s the logical solution for n00bs who click on whatever pops up on their browser, but yes that’s me.

What’s the solution for people who can’t help but crap in threads? I’m voting for the Radio Shack Color Computer.

I don’t consider pointing out an issue, and helpfully providing the solution thread crapping >( is slow in some parts of the world, and quicktime isn’t as prevalent as flash.

mashakos, what the fuck is wrong with you, man?

Every time I see you posting, you’re either telling us how dumb we are, or how smart you are. Is that all you want to do?

I’ve seen you giving advise and maybe trying to be helpful, but it never comes across as genuine. It always feels like a patronising “why are you so dumb and don’t know how to …, you n00b?” Did you realize that you’re the only person on this forum who even uses wording like that?

I have pissed off a few (maybe too many) forum-people myself, and been a real ass sometimes, but I’m working on my character, and although I often fail at it, I want to reccommend you something I often see myself doing: before you hit that “post”-button, re-read your post one or two times, and ask yourself: would I talk like that at a gathering of people I don’t know, who don’t know me, and who I want to accept me as one of their own?

You appear to be a smart person, but man, work a bit on not pissing everybody off. And I repeat, I say this as someone who isn’t too good at being a social guy either.

Actually, if you look at the time stamp, you didn’t “help” until a minute after I had already posted the link, and pointed out that you were, in fact, just being a jerk about it.

We’ll post trailers from wherever the fuck we want to. Seriously. You don’t like the source? Find it elsewhere, we’re not going to hold your hand while you discover the wonders of search engines and the internet. There’s also a little something out there called Quicktime Alternative that you might want to give a shot.

hey, I started my post with “please”. Didn’t work.

I know what you mean. I used to be polite, but it’s really boring in forums. How do we keep things interesting without mock insults and petty arguments?

quicktime alternative sucks for embedded videos in firefox.

Back to the point, this looks really great. I’ll need to read the book this summer.

The trailer looks a bit dodgy, but all comedy trailers are edited to be dodgy and get doofuses into the theater. I’m gonna trust the cast (great to see Jeff Bridges return to a Dude-like character) and see this one for sure.

Edit: Oh shit, I looked a bit further down the cast list, and J. K. Simmons and Stephen Root are also in this. Day one.

You are many things, but you are not “interesting”.

see? I like this.

Yes, it’s been a few years since I read it, but the book is very, very good. I do definitely recommend it.

Also, it might be worth mentioning that the director here - Grant Heslov - co-wrote Good Night, And Good Luck..