The Michelle Bachman fan thread

My favorite instance of a Michelle Bachman performance so far is her speech on Obama and the Christianity of America. I took into account the setting, apparent sincerity, and the stylishness of the zeal on display vs raw amount of embarrassment that any sane person would feel in realizing that this is an elected official in the United States. But feel free to use your own parameters for picking your favorites.

Mmm! Insane MILF Cougar!

Michelle accused six “Flying Imams” flying to attend Congressman Ellison’s victory party (he is of Muslim faith).

Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, appeared on the Ed Schultz Show on MSNBC to refute her claim.

“This is not true,” Ellison told Schultz. “I think it could even be called psycho talk.”

Meh, quoting some Christianity-related passages from former presidents is pretty mild. How can you top the time she thought we should establish a new Committee on Un-American Activities and start investigating members of Congress? That’s the batshiat insane level of crazy that I’ve come to expect from Michelle Bachman.

I’m surprised the world didn’t implode when Michell Bachman was on Glenn Beck’s show last week.

Which one started crying for America first?

Cite your favorite entry. The great thing about the Michelle Bachman fan thread as I envision it is that your favorite example of crazy and my favorite example of crazy can exist side by side and complement each other. You see, while you may favor the stuff that’s straight out of the Roy Cohn meets blogosphere playbook, I prefer the straightforward delivery of fantastically irrelevant sermons in our nation’s congress.

While we’re using Lincoln as a role model, we could also point out that ol’ Abe would have considered Obama to be inherently intellectually inferior to him.

Societies change and grow. Republicans like Bachman need to grasp this or be left behind.

My favorite to date is the gay rights rally she attended. She, of course, didn’t tell anyone that she was attending – she just rode up in her black SUV and hid behind some bushes, directly in the eyeline of a camera.

Yeah, her call for McCarthyism was my favorite for a while but the pictures of her hiding from the gays behind a bush were just too awesome.

Is that a bodyguard standing beside her?


What is the no-doubt hilarious story behind that gay rally picture? Was she trying to spy on them or something?

Michelle Bachmann accuses representatives and senators of being anti-American. Says the media should be investigating. That’s the thing that put her on my radar, but come to think of it this was pretty good too. She’s looking for a good soundbite and starts asking Bernanke and Geithner to show her which provision in the Constitution allows them to bailout banks. Um, how about the one that allows Congress to pass legislation? What the hell does the Constitution have to do with the congressionally-authored, executively-signed bailout, other than the fact that she likes the sound of the word when she’s using it as a hammer?

BTW, Jesus fucking christ, is that hiding in the bush thing for real?

If the gays see you, they can make you gay with their Medusa-like gayze. That guy standing next to her relocated to the Castro within days.

As LZ said in the original post … remember that this is an ELECTED OFFICIAL. Hiding in the fucking bushes. Holy shit.

Redundant. Its like saying “Hey look at that Woman Lady!”

What was she umm…hoping…to espie?

How does this level of crazy come from MN?

Holy shit. I knew this would deliver.

How do people know it was really her? Is there zoomed-in photo of her behind that bush?

On that day she’d tried to force a floor vote on a state constitutional amendment to end domestic partnerships and ban both gay marriage and civil unions. When everyone thought it would be in poor taste to do so while there was a GBLT rally going on, she snuck out to spy on the gays. When she realized that she was being photographed she and her bodyguard ran away.

Hey, remember when she made out with Bush?