The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: A name so good it doesn't even need a snappy title

Anyone played this?

I bought in to this because it sounded interesting.

The idea is cool, but probably could use some work.

Designing your dungeon is really fun, but people rarely attack dungeons because they are so strong. At least at low levels, if you have an elite monster, they are basically unkillable. Even if you do manage to kill them, it has taken so much time that the enemy’s treasure room will likely lock before you get there. For example, i just recently got powerful to kill a monster i have two of in my dungeon and i’ve had two of them for 3-4 levels.

Attacking dungeons is pretty fun, but the developer really needs to let you equip more abilities. As a mage, having 4 abilities is just not enough.

Class balance seems REALLY poor. Knight seems way stronger than the other classes. It is a constant battle for me to stick with my mage and not switch to knight.

A level 11 just finished by level 8 dungeon, but it took him 6 minutes and you only get to steal my loot if you’re around 2 minutes.

A lot of this is because at the door i have this tank bot. It casts a shield that makes another unit invulnerable. It is really hard to take down. Then i place a couple healers along with it so they heal it. You basically have to burn down the tank bot while the healer heals it because you can’t kill the healer. THis takes forever though even with really good dps. In the first room you can’t really kite it easily in order to get the healer away from the tank bot. I also place the turret trap so if you attempt to fight it in the first room instead of being REALLY careful of your position, the turret will shoot you while you slowly dps the tank bot down.

From what I’ve heard, it very quickly turns into a pay to win game, so I stayed away.

I think I made it to level 8 or so in an evening and it all got pretty redundant.

Ubisoft is closing this down.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is going to end all services and shut down on 25-10-2016.
It has been more than two years since Closed Beta and in the time since then many thousands of castles were built and then (of course) savagely pillaged. Countless heroes were defeated by the bewildering array of defenses conceived of and deployed by the creative minds of Mighty Quest players from around the world.

Please be aware that in anticipation of this we will be closing the in-game and web shops. Players have 60 days, beginning today, to spend all their remaining Blings before the servers and forums are shut down.[/quote]