The Military Says the Next Decade Will Be Like an SF Movie

Oh those wacky treehuggers in the Pentagon:

See, I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic. As climate conditions become more severe, there could certainly be a movement of populations trying to escape ravaged areas. And it could certainly lead to strife.

While I don’t doubt there could be significant changes, I’m not entirely ready to accept something so apocolyptic.

Coming from the Pentagon, normally a bastion of conservative politics, the report is expected to bring environmental issues to the fore in the US presidential race.

Not likely. Without any sort of evidence of imminent threat, the American media won’t take it seriously enough to actually bother reporting on it.

There’s nothing at all wrong with the military contemplating possible scenarios that might trigger hostilities and then wargaming them. Good armies since the days of the Prussian General Staff have been doing just that. If some of them sound like scifi, well, they should. They’re set in…drumroll…the future!

I’m always being sarcastic but that’s not important right now. What’s interesting is that we have yet another example of the administration trying to squelch information that doesn’t agree with its official rosy agenda.

Whether this is our future or not, is to me, irrelevant, in comparison to attempting to keeping the predictions here out of the public debate.

That’s an interesting thing for a person named “Oppressor” to say. But I think it’s right. There is a general tendency right now to dismiss environmental claims altogether and lump them all into the “crackpot apocalyptic theories” camp. This is a dangerous trend, not just politically, but practically and ethically. These theories may be wrong, either in degree, timing, or outright, but we should at least hear them, discuss them, and prove them wrong before being so dismissive. Covering them up is even more scary because it suggests that it needs to BE covered up. If it is just a lunatic theory, why do that? I could see not wanting a panic, but if it can be disproved, who would panic? If it can’t be disproved, maybe a little panic is a good thing.


Guardian breathlessly reports “leaked pentagon document”, with all of the “humiliating” repercussions.

The report wasn’t leaked, in fact it was already in Fortune Magazine last month.

And then of course there’s this from the actual Author of the document.

Bottom Line: The Guardian is hyping a story for a partisan angle, and is making up claims about it being covered up.

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Forget about global climate… It’s all about Peak Oil…


People have been talking about an oil peak for years and years, yet it never comes.

That’s because technology keeps getting better, allowing profitable extraction of oil from places previously out of reach. As the oil price goes up and tech gets better, you’ll start seeing resources like shale oil becoming used.

Doubts about the technical feasibility of extracting shale oil and environmental problems arose soon after Rundle hit the news, and were never resolved. It was a complex and inefficient process. In fact, shale oil is not actually oil at all, but kerogen, with the shale heated and the resulting vapour becoming liquid oil when cooled.

Open your eyes… the modern world will collapse. we hit the zenith of ‘modern’ civilization around 1969 when we landed on the moon. unless we discover some completely new form of energy, that doesn’t involve raping the earth, we’ll probably wimper into more and more anarchy … its just a matter of time perhaps a century or two … though doesn;t matter since we’ll all be dead. The fact that we don’t really live that long is probably why we really don’t care for the future. I’m so pessimistic these days!


I love an apocalypse! Especially when you can buy a companion book to go with it…

I love an apocalypse! Especially when you can buy a companion book to go with it…[/quote]

Oh yeah, lets just drive our SUV’s and eat our McDonalds while we cash in our social securty checks. Life is grand!


I love an apocalypse! Especially when you can buy a companion book to go with it…[/quote]

Oh yeah, lets just drive our SUV’s and eat our McDonalds while we cash in our social securty checks. Life is grand!


Point the first, SUVs are for assholes…

Point the second, Mc Donalds? Don’t insult my culinary intelligence Kafka…

And Social Security? What Social Security? Haven’t you heard about Rich Dad’s Prophecy?

Point being, never trust a doomsayer huckstering a book…

All of these simps assume that as Rome burns, all anyone will do is fiddle. Then they go make a powerpoint presentation with some curves they plotted in Excel that say the end is nigh. Bookings on Coast to Coast and a nice warm apocalyptic buzz shortly follow…

And maybe the end is nigh (just like, ya know, Bill Nye The Science Guy), but you wouldn’t know it from the guy who’s just out to make a quick buck off your fears. But hey, this one has the solution to Peak Oil anyway, just give him $139.99!!!

Chill out! I was just joking! yeesh, I wasn’t directing that response to you specifically, but to our culture. you have to admit theres something troubling about how a country like ours hasn’t really changed energy policies much from the Reagan years. Its kind of odd nobody in either the Democrat or Republican parties has put the dwindling oil supply issue to the forefront. And no I don’t believe there is WWIII or Armagedon. More like a slow bleeding. Our country (and the world) in its curent direction, just cannot keep pace with our mammoth consumption. Its just won’t work.

Plus I’m a hypocrie… I drive a Jeep Cherokee and eat at McDonalds about once a week… oops!

And I don’t think people need charts and graphics to know that fossil fuels are finite. All I’m saying is that its just a matter of time. Plus I’m pessimistic about humanity anyway. :cry:


So humanity wipes itself out. Good riddance. If we can’t get our act together enough to get off this rock and despoil the entire universe, then we deserve the slow death.


The cynicism is getting thick in here! I’m starting to feel very comfortable, which somehow seems wrong…

Look here, we’re all going to die. I want mine to be while 90+ years old, having sex with twin blonde porno babes. But that’s just me.

I’m hoping my death happens at the ripe old age of 7,308, halfway between here and The Andromeda Galaxy, as I try unsuccessfully to negotiate a peaceful resolution to an invasion by a cloned army of Half-Asian strumpet/assassins through my powers of sexual healing.

After I’m dead, who cares about any of you guys?

Cuz you gonna meet me in the next world, where I rule!