The Minoriteam

I’m not sure when In These Times decided to become relevant, but it’s interesting.

The latest addition to Adult Swim:

Dr. Wang is the epitome of nearly every Asian stereotype etched into American consciousness. His skin has a bright yellow cast; his eyes are set in an exaggerated slant. He owns a laundromat, speaks with a ludicrous accent, drives poorly and is incredibly good at math.

But Dr. Wang is more than just your garden-variety racial caricature. On “Minoriteam,” he is a crusading, wheelchair-bound superhero with a 40-pound brain, who uses profits from his laundromat to head up an equally preposterous group of ethnic superheroes devoted to overthrowing their nemesis: the omnipresent White Shadow.

All three worked together on the absurdist Comedy Central hit, “Crank Yankers,” before coming up with the Minoriteam concept.

Ugh. Pass.

Its OK. It is not very well fleshed out and the stories are not all the intresting. I do not see it lasting long.

I watched half of an episode that was supposed to be a riff on “Casino” with some clown character. It was incredibly unfunny.

That does not sound OK.

The best thing about it is the exaggerated Jack Kirby art style. The writing is awful.

There are full episodes up on YouTube, and yes, they do suck.

It’s agressively unfunny. REALLY unfunny. It’s something that should have never progressed past a mildly funny 2-minute Flash movie on the Internet. Like Matthew said, the artwork is kind of cool if you’re a fan of old comics, but watching it with the TV set to “mut” greatly enhances the experience.

Well, that sucks. :(

You need at least a hint of subtlety to make ironic humor work.

It makes Tom Goes to the Mayor look passable.

Jesus Christ. Is that possible?

My Qualification for OK to watch:
Nothing else is on TV. I have to eat my dinner, or run on my elipitcal which is infront of my TV. It helps pass the time and is short enough to fill a short activity. I would not want to start watching a 1 hour TV show when I only plan on being infront of my TV for 20 to 25 minutes. At this point I have already watched other recorded TV shows like Venture brothers, south park, etc…

Oh! Elliptical viewage. The bar runs far lower for that, I admit.

Not low enough for Minoriteam, trust me.

No. I promise you, Brad is overexaggerating there. The only show that could hope to compete with TGTTM’s awfulness is Moral Orel.

Minoriteam still sucks, though.

Oh come on. Minoriteam and TGTTM make Moral Orrel look like an unqualified masterpiece.

I really like Robot Chicken and SeaLab, but it seems like Adult Swim has run into some rocky shores of late…

I get the feeling that they’re just throwing out as many new, cheap to produce shows as they can to see if anything sticks or, better yet, blows up and becomes another ATHF or SeaLab. What they really need is another Venture Bros.

Does the second season of Venture Bros starting next week count?

Tom Goes to the Mayor at least gives the impression that it’s trying, which is far more than can be said for 12 Oz Mouse.

And ditto Minoriteam sucking. I really wanted to like this, but… no. Just no. I didn’t think it was possible for superhero parodies to get any worse than Freakazoid, but this does it.