The Mortality in Lies

My novel The Mortality in Lies was published the first week of October. It is a historical mystery / thriller / spy story set in Paris, the Congo and Sudan in the last years of the 19th century, loosely based on two real political crises of the times.

It’s available on Amazon and other online sellers, in paperback and ebook versions. It is also free to read for Kindle Unlimited members.

Give it a try if you like that sort of thing!

I have Kindle Unlimited, hell, I’ll give it a whirl. I like historical fiction in general.

Are there aliens? Time traveling Nazis? Those usually show up in these things, right?

Regrettably, no aliens or Nazis. I’m playing fast and loose with some real history, but other than that it’s a spy story.

Yikes, I forgot to add that the ebook goes on sale in the US and U.K. Amazon stores starting on the 7th, the day after tomorrow.