The most distrubing thing you'll see tonight

I think its all in Russian but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

A Russian bride for extarbags.

I made it to the thong shot, then had to quit. A winner is you!


That guy is pretty odd looking but the back tattoo is pretty damn cool, imo.

Didn’t we just have a thread on kewpie dolls?

Are you paraphrasing Stewart’s episode of Extras? I’m going to go ahead and laugh, assuming you are, because I still laugh when I think of that.

Of course I am. I’m a James Bond-type figure, and I have to rescue these prisoners from a prison camp, but they’re all women, and their clothes have all rotted away, you see…

I honestly have no idea what I’m looking at there. Good thing I won’t have to ever again.

I like biotech tattoos but that one is a little too colorful and simple for my tastes.

My retinas, they are burning. Damn you Rob Merritt. I’ll be forever haunted by those images.


I love the pic where he’s showing off the tatoo on his back. The other dude looks like he’s asking me “Do you see this!? This is craaaazy!”

In Russia tattoo has you!

I guess when you have fangs and spine plates, nobody notices the world’s smallest marble bag.

That’s just… Disturbing.

Is that the Russian version of Deliverance? Crazed, androgynous body builder and skinny sidekick terrorize innocent tourists on a white water rafting adventure?

In case anyone was wondering…

Me: please make this make sense :(
Russian Pal: k hold on
Me: i am sorry for what it does to your eyes
Me: and your soul
Russian Pal: ok hold on reading
Russian Pal: hahah so these guys were at the beach, and a friend of theirs comes from the car and says “You guys, I saw THE DEVIL. He’s coming to the beach now and you’ll just DIE.”
Russian Pal: He shows up with some guy they know
Russian Pal: THeir friend explains that the guy is just a regular guy, straight, has a wife, and is looking for a second one
Russian Pal: Second one must have big tits
Me: hahaha wtf
Russian Pal: His eyebrows and eyeliner are tattooed on
Russian Pal: He had botox injection in the lips and was wearing glitter lip gloss
Russian Pal: They’re then just talking about his big muscles and how intimidating they are
Me: yeah he is huge up top
Me: it makes his penis look small :x
Russian Pal: Yeah they finished with saying that his weenus is tiny
Me: haha
Me: wait so the devil guy is married? and just a normal dude that got weird and fancy?
Russian Pal: he has a live in girlfriend
Russian Pal: and he got weird and fancy for sexual kink
Russian Pal: and he’s looking for another lady friend to join him and his ladyfriend

I guess if your face looks like that your best bet is to be so intimidating that nobody is even going to think of making fun of you in person. (Cyber-mockery from half a world away is harder to prevent with muscles.)

Dear Rob_Merritt:

Thank you for posting something so horrific that Silent Kimbly will seem easy on the eyes by comparison.


You wish, Rims.