The most kick-ass music video of all time

How great is youtube for being a go-to source on stuff like this?

And how great is that performance? I mean, if you’re stuck having to open for Otis Redding, you might as well go balls-out, because Sam & Dave knew The King was gonna bring it.

And how great is the backing band? Al Jackson, Jr is the great lost drummer of rock history; everyone saw the documentary on the Motown musicians and gave James Jamerson his due, but poor Al Jackson got himself murdered by his wife in 1975 and his memory has largely faded. He was the unquestioned band leader on all those Stax/Volt hits of the 1960’s, and no one has ever replicated the sound of his snare (he used to get it by putting his wallet on the snare head and then basically beating the living shit out of drum). And Duck Dunn and Steve Cropper are right there giving as good as they get, and the Memphis Horns/Mar-Keys are trying to blow the roof off the joint.

Love the ending too, as Sam Moore nearly incites a mild riot and the military has to come stand in front of the stage to keep the kids back. (I think this show was Denmark or Germany).

This video is the definition of cool.

Fantastic performance. Great video quality too.