The most refreshing and thirst quenching drink you... uhhhh drink

I’m looking for something new as the MIO flavored water doesn’t seem all that great to me anymore.

I love “Mogu Mogu” which I think originated in Thailand. It has pieces of jelly/fruit in it that you chew and comes in a variety of different flavors. Try the coconut one first as that’s the original flavor.

Interesting. Never heard of something like that before.

Nothing beats water.


I know you’re not on a keto diet but I just looked up the nutrition for that and it has 40 g of carbs per bottle… 35 g of that from sugar (for the one flavor I looked at). Holy cow! 160 cal per bottle.

Haha yeah. Mogu-Mogu is basically candy in a bottle. I drink it very sparingly. Tastes awesome though ;)

I suspect it does taste great!

I got really into Pocari sweat when the local asian grocery started carrying it.

It is like grapefruit flavored gatorade.

Pepsi and Coke parent companies have launched sparkling water brands. Have you tried those?

I drink sparkling water all the time. Some flavors are better than others but I don’t main the plain stuff. But some folk can’t get over the water having flavor but not really being sweet. And there is a wide variety of flavor quality from one brand to the next. And surprisingly the bubble size is noticeable. The smaller the bubble the better. If your in Texas my go to is HEB brand.

Agreed. Unless you need electrolytes water is where it’s at. No calories.

I buy Gatorade powder and mix it up for recovery from long bike rides or runs.

Just cold water. If you need flavor, I like Crystal Light powder (not the liquid, which has way less impact) and there’s like 50 flavors. Crush branded powders aren’t bad either, or the faux margarita/daiquiri powders. A&W root beer powder is nasty, turns out. Will be researching some others over time here.

All of the above are zero sugar, few to zero calories.

Our water is municipal and tastes horrid which is why I don’t drink straight water.

I might switch to a powder instead of the liquid for water flavoring.

Outside of water, I love coconut water. Especially this stuff which you can get from Costco for a bit cheaper. It’s the best damn coconut water I’ve tasted outside of the local stuff I got when in Thailand:

I don’t drink it all the time, but after a workout or something it’s SOOOO good.

A nearly but not quite frozen can of Diet Coke, nothing quite like it.

After reading this thread I stumbled across this in my feed. My pantry is definitely not up to their standards :)

I thoroughly enjoy a fountain Diet Coke first thing in the morning. Finest kind.

Get a Freestyle machine installed in your home.

You have no idea how badly I want this. Raspberry/vanilla or orange/vanilla Diet Coke, 24/7, direct feed into my veins, please.