The Mother 'Effin WEATHER Thread


Midlothian, eh? My house is the next town over.

Yeah, it’s a real worry. Especially if piping runs along the outer walls, kitchen sinks aren’t at particular risk.


The virtual team is from all over. It’s definitely fun to hear about everyone’s part of the country.

I don’t think I have ever been in negative degree weather… ever.


I had the radiator on my car bust while out during -20 weather, about 10 years back.

That sucked.


It’s only supposed to be -5 F or so here, but the wind chill will be in the -20s. Normally on Wed, I’d drive about an hour to play games with my buddies, but this week may not happen. If anything went wrong, it would be a really cold wait for a tow truck.


This is usually where I’d make a joke about how “cold” it is here in Southern California, but these temps are no joke. Stay safe and warm y’all.


This thread is reminding me why I moved away from Thunder Bay. Well, one of the thousand reasons I moved away from Thunder Bay, but it was the top one!


Yeah people joke about Florida but I do not miss NY winters. Hope everyone is okay.


We are getting snow, but at least we are > 10 feet above sea level, my good man!




As usual the weather people are clueless, it snowed all day here in NEPA , they predicted 2-4 and there is almost 8 inches on the lampost outside, haven’t seen a plow all day.

Glad I was off from work today. :)



0 degrees here currently, with a wind chill of -20. All schools are closed, including the universities (can’t have kids trekking across campus in frostbite weather). The USPS announced there would be no mail service today as well. While most people seem to have come into work today, the downtown streets are empty of the usual foot traffic…seems nobody wants to go get Starbucks in -20 degree winds!

I work in a high rise building downtown where they normally shut off the heat or AC at 7:00pm and turn it back on at 6:00am each weekday. Last night they left the heat on all night to prevent damage to the HVAC system and anything in an outer office (like mine). I have windows on two sides of my office, and I have to keep my door closed and locked at night for security purposes. I left it open last night (I didn’t know the building would keep the heat on) because otherwise it would have been around 40 degrees in my office this morning. I’ve come in on cold winter days to discover ice on the inside of my window ledges where condensation froze overnight. Thanks to the overnight heat, it’s currently a balmy 66 in my office.

That pales in comparison to Chicago and similar places though. I feel for anyone fighting those temperatures today. Stay safe people!


Yeah, it’s going to be chilly here in NYC. Typically our coldest is in the low teens, and it’ll get down to 6. Biggest problem is everybody has to walk around in the city, and the buildings funnel wind like crazy. It can take your breath away. But not a big deal.


It’s a balmy 3 degrees here in St. Louis, up from -4 this morning.

Crazy thing is it’s supposed to hit 60 this weekend.


We had a longer, colder stretch last year, I think.


Not below 10 F, unless my memory is going.


Don’t worry. If your brain gets cold enough it will become a superconductor. Then you will remember everything.



Pfft, if he was really tough on crime, he’d outlaw it.


Also worried about the pipes/furnace.

Though, I laugh at your -20


That is real temp/wind chill.