The Mother 'Effin WEATHER Thread


Let’s all be thankful for one thing right now with the polar vortex, it’s been bone dry, thank god. It could have been much worse.


True dat. No ice on the roads here. Just cold as balls for 2 days, not a big deal.


Damn son, that’s cold! Glad to hear nothing froze or broke overnight. Hope it gets warmer for you soon.

Here it was -9 this morning, but the wind chill died down so it was -15, which was supposedly better than yesterday morning. Hard to tell when you’re running between house, car, parking garage and work as quickly as possible. My college kid had to go back today, no classes cancelled, but my high school kid is still home, and will likely be tomorrow as well if we get the snow they’re forecasting for late tonight and into tomorrow morning.

The crazy thing is that it’s supposed to be 55 here on Sunday, and 60+ on Monday! That would be a 70 degree temperature swing in under 5 days. I’m just glad it’s going to be above freezing and no snow for Saturday and Sunday, as I have to drive to Muncie, Indiana for a volleyball tournament and the last 90 minutes of the 2.5 hour drive is all one-lane rural highway.



I got the day (and maybe weekend too) off work because some pipes broke. Hopefully the computers and network are okay since we’re pretty much crippled without them.

Morning classes were still running though. It was only -2°.


Somebody on this board, maybe 3-4 years ago, linked a wonderful deal that a supplier of military cold weather gear was having, basically dumping old stock. I picked up an amazing coat made for Arctic conditions made to military specs for like $50.

I’m sorry I don’t remember who posted that, but if you are reading this, THANKS! from Troy NY.


I believe that was in the Hardware bargain thread. I think I tried to order too, but got an error message for the one I wanted.

Edit: It was Telefrog.


Oh man! That’s awesome! I’m so glad the sale worked for you and that the jacket came in handy.


Speak for yourself! We got over a half foot on Monday and then non-stop lake effect since then. Finally let up today but still coming down every now and again. I’ve had to go out and clear the driveway several times in this cold!

Edit: To be fair, that also meant we stayed warm relative to the rest of the midwest.


Oh good lord. I’m so sorry man. Adding that to that cold snap would be brutal. Please tell me you have a snow blower.


I wish everyone would tag their posts with where they live!

CENTRAL NEW YORK before you rib me. :)


I do! I even upgraded last year to get one that can deal with the terrible stuff the plow leaves at the end of the driveway.

For Dave Perkins: West Michigan


Huntersville, North Carolina


Valles Marineris


Europa. Do not approach.


I mean when you tell your stories YOU GUYS!!!


Awesome, thanks for finding that and reminding me, I want to bookmark that site.

And thanks, Telefrog. I didn’t even include the rest of the story: I actually bought two of the jackets, and donated one to a local homeless shelter who found a young fellow about my size to give it to. He was thrilled as well.


I’m looking at the Alpha Industries raincoats now. I need a new raincoat.


I have too many raincoats, and I can never seem to find the perfect one. Either they are too good at keeping water out and get clammy/hot, or they are too loose and you get water in, or they just don’t fit well so you get the coat part fitting right but the hood is made apparently for the elephant man, etc. I’ve settled on the lightest one and carrying the least broken umbrella I have available.

I have one good cold weather parka and I’m glad that’s the only one I need.


I…do not own a raincoat. Huh. Oh well, made it this far.