The Mother 'Effin WEATHER Thread



I have one of those for the summer, but I’d like a more formal-looking trenchcoat style one for work.


Why not just use an umbrella? You bike to work?


Last Wednesday it rained so fucking much my bottom 20"-24" were soaked with an umbrella. I know you two are NYC ppl.


Ahh. I do have a gigantic umbrella for days like that, but it’s unwieldy so I generally just use my small one (also the Wirecutter’s recommendation, of course!) and deal with it.


Jebus who spends $130 on a raincoat?

Poncho ftw!


I got their previous recommendation, which was like sixty bucks. It also works great.

I typically just buy whatever the Wirecutter tells me to buy. They haven’t steered me wrong yet. Just replaced my smoke detector with a Nest Protect, seemed like a lot for a smoke detector but what the hell.


Camping, hiking and walking dogs makes them a requirement. Otherwise getting to work and back is an exercise in walking really fast with an umbrella.


Looks like a good fit. Clammy at all?


The previous one wasn’t clammy, no. Trick is the zippers ventilating your armpits.


It rained in San Diego yesterday. People lose their minds here when that happens. My normally 15-20 minute drive to pick up my kids after work took an hour. My son was waiting out on the sidewalk, in the rain, shivering. Poor little guy. And we have to suffer through more chilly 60° weather and rain this weekend. It doesn’t rain here a lot, but when it does it’s usually on the weekend.

This is for all you northerners out there:


I’ll keep that in mind in around six months when you’re stuffing wet towels under your doorjamb to keep out the smoke.




Indeed :)

My brother and I have an annual ritual where I send him a picture of myself sitting on the beach in January in tanktop and shorts and he sends me a picture of himself flipping me off in the middle of a snowstorm.


You laugh but live out here 10 years and I bet you would be in the same boat - it thins your blood out or something. 60F was shorts weather in the midwest growing up but out here I put on a winter jacket.

Or am I just getting older?


I dunno. I’m from the NC mountains and 50-55ish is still, “break out short sleeves,” weather to me, which is not common here in Charlotte. It really depends on your body type and if you truly run hot or cold. I have coworkers who have moved down from Northeast or Midwest and it is a toss up as to how much they still enjoy cold weather.


You know a tourist when you see an umbrella.


If you have a free hand (and not a blustery rain) then a nice umbrella and some waterproof pants make a better combo than a raincoat.

Back in the old days, people would just spray some waterproofing chems on their windbreaker every few years to try and keep the damp out. I guess I know how we are all going to die now. RIP Scotchgard


How about a crockety bloat?


Hah, yeah, you’re an Oregonian. They look down upon umbrella users with disdain.