The Mother 'Effin WEATHER Thread


Yeah. It’s really a thing. I don’t actually know why I just know I have a umbrella in my car that I have never used, and when I bought a new car I put it in there to not use.


Oh god this is so accurate.


It was 16F when I went out for lunch today in a short sleeve shirt and an unzipped windbreaker. And I was comfortable.

I’d call some of you wimps, but I don’t like leaving the house once it gets above 80F.


Even on days where it gets above 110F here, I can count on seeing someone outside wearing a parka.


No, no, I’m with you.


I think they’re going to have a bit of a plumbing leak when it gets warmer


No Vortex here, but it is currently snowing. Looks like the forecast wasn’t too off the mark.


Yeah snow in Seattle too, guessing maybe 4 or 5 inches where I live. School’s canceled, wife and I are working from home today and likely tomorrow, so - snowmen! Heard from a coworker that Redmond got something like 8 or 9 inches of snow.


That sounds harsh!

Ours will be gone within an hour if it sticks at all.


And here I am halfway between the both of you and… nothing.

It’s supposed to snow, but it hasn’t materialized.


Last week, all the schools were closed and bunches of other places shut down due to all the snow and deep freeze temps. This week, warmed up into the upper 40s and some of those places ended up flooded. And now I hear that tomorrow night, we’re supposed to have freezing rain. Weather = chaos.




They said AM for us. If it also snowed this morning, I missed because it didn’t stick either.


Driving to work was pretty scary today. Freezing rain started just after I got on the highway. And each drop fell on my windshield and froze. I didn’t realize the severity of what was happening until the windshield was already half obscured. Oh shit, this was not melting! I looked down at the temperature: 24 degrees F. I got in the slow lane, cranked up the heat, put it on defrost and tried to peer through the now completely obscured windshield. Wipers were doing nothing, heater was doing nothing. I knew this road, and I could tell just enough to drive in a straight line and hope nothing got in front of me.

About 60 seconds later, the bottom of the frozen stuff started melting, so I was bending down looking through that little clear spot, driving that way. About 3 minutes after that, the whole frozen slab on my windshield slowly started melting.

I was thinking about how that’s never happened before. Usually that sort of thing is already on my windshield when I get in the car, so I have to wait for the windshield to heat up before I can even start driving. This time my windshield was completely clear since there was no rain yet.


Friday the high was 18.
Yesterday, 57 (same forecast as today.)
And tomorrow, 38.
Been like this all winter.
(southeast NH.)

Yikes, that’s horrible. Couldn’t pull over?


Thank you for mentioning where you live. :)


I was wondering if it was safer to keep driving straight or pull over. At least looking throw a layer of ice, I was pretty sure I could keep driving in a straight line, and even through ice I would see red tail lights. But with the side of the highway, I was unfamiliar with and didn’t know what it looked like. So was it a hard shoulder, soft shoulder, gravel, how much room did I have? Since I couldn’t see it, I didn’t think pulling over was safe.

(Kansas City btw).


Freezing rain is just. the. worst.

I ran into a nasty patch in Spokane once, and it was so slippery that I didn’t have a choice but to go to the shoulder. The slope created by the slightly crowned road was enough to make the car just slide off.


February 5th. Walked outside today.

Car is covered in pollen.

F’in Florida.


A week ago here in DC it got down to 6 °F. Now it’s 70 😱