The Mother 'Effin WEATHER Thread


The bulk of our neighborhood apparently rejected getting sidewalks installed before I bought that house, major reason is it would make the homeowner reasonable and liable for the ones next to their property which means if someone falls on a crack or slips on ice, it’s your liability.

I’d be pretty shocked if that school didn’t treat everything and asked people to come campus. Someone’s child is dead, so I hope this was not a cost saving move.


We are making plans to close our downtown office Monday and/or Tuesday depending on what we see this weekend. Seattle is NOT prepared for any significant snowfall.


Stock up, Seattle.

My brother-in-law is a fire marshal, and according to him, the first responders are being told up to 5 inches on Friday, up to 8 inches on Saturday, with 1-2 inches on Sunday.

Stock up today. The stores were being hit pretty heavy yesterday. The word is out.


Holy Shit

Cliff Mass is a professor of atmospheric sciences at UW. The European Computer Model is considered to be the most accurate, and it has 18-20 inches of snow in downtown Seattle(!!!) by Wednesday.


What a great name!


Yeah. I took one of his courses when I was an undergrad. Cool guy.


If you live at the top of a hill: Cool. Stay put. Take pictures.

If you live at the bottom of a hill: Leave. Now.


Holy crap. Stay safe and warm Seattle QT3 folks!

It’s 62 degrees here in downtown Cincinnati today, with lots of rain in the form of nasty thunderstorms every hour or so. If this was snow we’d be so screwed.


Wow. WA looks to be taking the brunt of that.


Jeez, now I’m thinking I should buy wood in case we lose power.


Seems a wise precaution.


Remember to save your own urine in bottles, it can be very useful in disinfecting cuts and scrapes.


Also, stock up on wolf repellant. I know from playing lots of survival games it’s always the wolves that get you.


The best finds are always canned cat and dog food.


Also for clearing up toenail fungus.


Make sure you have stone and iron ore as well, as you’ll never be able to build anything better than the most basic stuff on the tech tree without them.

Seriously though, stay safe man. Sounds like a great weekend to start a new game!


As a follow-up, it sounds like the fall didn’t kill that student. She was likely doomed prior to that. Pulmonary embolism thew a clot in her lung. According to her friend, she faltered behind and then collapsed.


aaaw. So she died and then fell or was dying. That’s still so sad, but thank you for the upate.



We don’t get hurricanes. So there’s that.


Would I need to buy a new coat to keep the Paducah off of me? We don’t get that here.