The Mother 'Effin WEATHER Thread


Well we haven’t gotten the snow in the Tualatin valley like Seattle, so I decided to find it. Turns out you go to 1000+ feet and all that rain was instead a good 6-8” of fresh powder

It was a fun climb, though the intensity of the snow as I descended from 3200” to 600” was… occasionally problematic.


Holy crow. Did you at any time wonder if you’d survive? Are there more pix?


I’ll share in the picture thread. But not really, the only trouble I had was the parking lot, it hadn’t been plowed. I knew it was trouble when I went in, one of those as soon as I got 100’ into it I knew would be difficult to turn around. If you keep moving, it’s not too bad. It’s once you stop that getting started again can be hard.


We got another 2-3 inches (and counting) up in the Alderwood area.


Still a lot of variables in play, but Seattle is potentially getting Slushmageddon on Monday evening.


I’ve heard the folks stuck up in Phinneywood are resorting to cannibalism. Or was it cannabis? I forget.



The Great Melt cometh


Dang it. That means yardwork truly is early this year and… my pool is already green. I’ve been robbed of a real winter!


Yeah, snow has started falling at my house again.


Definitely feels warmer today. However, while it’s pretty light, it has started snowing again here in Ballard.


That’s expected. But the warm front will move in. We should get a transition to rain later today.


I’ve got water dripping off the roof. It’s starting to melt.


There is a reason we use rock salt and it’s not because we don’t have sand or gravel.

It’s because if you don’t everything shuts down and people die.

Edit: And for a place that almost never gets it the amount that would end up in the water would be next to nothing. Also… Seattle is on the ocean. Oh no, salt. In the ocean. Wait. What’s the origin of rock salt again? From ancient oceans? Hmmm.


Well, the western side is Puget Sound (an arm of the Pacific). But the eastern side is Lake Washington, which is freshwater.


I’d never seen a car rusted so badly that holes rusted out from the bottom of the car until I visited East. At the time, I was told it was due to the salt used on the roads compared to the sprays we used to use here. I thought they used to use a spray because I don’t remember gravel until I was older but I do remember seeing the machines as a teen spraying.


It’s several degrees above freezing but the snow continues to fall. None of it seems to be accumulating, though. I imagine this will all freeze overnight. Yay.



So many crazies in Seattle. Trust me. My wife came from there.


It isn’t the salt getting to the ocean that’s a problem, it’s what happens on its way to the ocean, depositing itself in the earth, killing fish, etc. It’s definitely a problem, but the alternative is, as you said, shutting down until the snow washes away.