The Mother 'Effin WEATHER Thread


It’s sticking in Bothell/Everett. Small flakes, whatever that means.


Yeah, but the amount of salt a place like Seattle uses in a year is basically nothing.
It hardly snows there anyway.


I completely agree, just putting forth the (spurious) arguments people use against salting the roads.


You can always use the beets to mitigate the salt!


It’s snowing a lot harder and sticking now.


Yeah, been snowing all afternoon near me and the flakes have been growing. My phone says it’s 33 degrees but I don’t think the sky much gives a damn. I’m quite certain I’ll be hearing quite soon from Seattle Public Schools that they will be closed tomorrow.


It’s been snowing pretty hard here in Bothell, and it seems like there’s been close to two inches of accumulation this afternoon.

Makes me really glad I can work from home and have a corner store within walking distance. They’ve been doing a great job of keeping the main roads nearby clear, but it doesn’t matter since there’s no way I could navigate my own street in my car right now.


Power just blinked about 20 minutes ago. Hope that isn’t a sign of things to come for the night.


Rain showers in Tacoma right now. Rain is moving northward.

It’s gonna be a wet night.


Lost power up in Alderwood. This is going to be a fun night.


Oh man! Good luck with that. I had a flicker this afternoon but so far been steady.


We lost a large cherry tree in the yard today. Snow got heavy enough that it split right down the middle. I was out in the yard knocking snow off the branches of the 20 other trees in our yard.

It’s still snowing…


Sad for you, happy for the woodworker you know who will get the wood.


Yeah when you get someone to finish that tree off for you, assuming you don’t do it yourself, don’t let them take that wood. Sorry to hear about your tree though.


Our city depts trialed some bullshit NaCl spray that is supposedly more ecologically friendly but been eating up the sides of our cars, even more than salt.

Turns out that this fall, their excuse was uh “someone forgot to send us the memo. Or something”




Welp. Power came back for about an hour, and then I saw the fuse on a transformer blow up in the distance. It’s a pretty crazy glow. And just like that, the power is out again. Time to bundle up and snuggle under a thick blanket.


Damn, we got another 4 inches or so, and it’s still snowing!


Here in PA we’ve been having sleet and freezing rain for 6+ hours now. Untreated surfaces have around .5" to1" of ice.


How long was your power out? Pretty uneventful here. Hasn’t really snowed all morning. Still not leaving the house today.